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This Dog Just Gave His Pal The Most Intense Side-Eye You Have Ever Seen

Walter = Ron Swanson on four legs.

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Boston Terriers Walter, 5, and Max, 4, belong to Steven Yasgar, a 35-year-old professional drummer from Minneapolis, Minnesota.

He tells BuzzFeed: "My fiancée and I adopted Walter from a shelter in late 2011 when we lived in Denver."

He says: "I spent a long time researching Bostons and decided that when I would get a dog that their breed would be the best fit for us. Eventually we got Max, so Walter could have a buddy."

He tells us that Max was found in a puppy mill where he'd been "forced to live in a small rabbit cage with four other dogs, so his body couldn't grow to a normal size."

"He was in a bad state when we adopted him, he had never been taken on a walk, house trained, nothing. He's been annoying Walter ever since," says Yasgar.

He adds: "The picture was taken yesterday after our recent move to Minneapolis, Minnesota, where they now have a big back yard to play in. It sums their relationship up perfectly!"

As well as Instagram, you can also follow Max and Walter on Twitter.