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This Dog Just Gave His Pal The Most Intense Side-Eye You Have Ever Seen

Walter = Ron Swanson on four legs.

This photoset took off after it was uploaded to Imgur with the caption "My friend's dogs...Walter hates Max". And boy, is it something.

"Oh. Here he comes."



Boston Terriers Walter, 5, and Max, 4, belong to Steven Yasgar, a 35-year-old professional drummer from Minneapolis, Minnesota.

He tells BuzzFeed: "My fiancée and I adopted Walter from a shelter in late 2011 when we lived in Denver."

He says: "I spent a long time researching Bostons and decided that when I would get a dog that their breed would be the best fit for us. Eventually we got Max, so Walter could have a buddy."

He tells us that Max was found in a puppy mill where he'd been "forced to live in a small rabbit cage with four other dogs, so his body couldn't grow to a normal size."

"He was in a bad state when we adopted him, he had never been taken on a walk, house trained, nothing. He's been annoying Walter ever since," says Yasgar.

He adds: "The picture was taken yesterday after our recent move to Minneapolis, Minnesota, where they now have a big back yard to play in. It sums their relationship up perfectly!"

As well as Instagram, you can also follow Max and Walter on Twitter.