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18 Badass Australian Bloggers That Will Change The Way You Think About Fashion

Style goals galore.

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Gyan Yankovich / BuzzFeed / Instagram

1. Hayley Hughes

The Blog: Fashion Hayley

Hayley's blog will make you want to throw out everything you own and start again. Her style is retro-meets-rainbow, and proves that bright colours shouldn't be confined to the warmer months.

2. Delina Darusman-Gala

The Blog: Muslim Street Fashion

Delina's blog has become a go-to for Muslim women thanks to her colourful and cool street-style, her affordable fashion finds and her hijab styling inspiration. She's also working on her very own fashion line called DELINA, which you can follow here.

3. Jess Dempsey

The Blog: What Would Karl Do

Jess has a glamorous '70s vibe you'll want to claim as your own, and has great styling how-tos on her blog. Bonus: she regularly features her freakin' adorable kids.

4. Danielle Melnyczenko

The Blog: Dani Mezza

Danielle has fully immersed herself in Australia's ~curvy fashion~ culture, coining the #AussieCurves movement to show that a love of fashion isn't limited by size. It has caught on; so far it has 28 thousand Instagram tags and counting.

5. Jess Tran

The Blog: Jess Loves Fred

Jess makes mixing prints look effortless, and if you can do that you should probably get a trophy or something. This blog is full of witty quips, self-depreciating humour and really, really good fashion.

6. Ashley Rose

The Blog: This Is Ashley Rose

Ashley has a knack for taking what's on the runway and styling it for curves. When summer rolls around again, be sure to check out her amazing swimwear guide.

7. Maria Vlezko

The Blog: Crashing Red

Maria has perfected that I'm-so-fashionable-yet-extremely-comfortable look that we all hope to achieve. She's also the founder of wildly successful nail art blog, So Nailicious.

8. Helen Lee

The Blog: Sassy Bella

In addition to looking effortlessly cool, Helen is also a talented wordsmith. She has a way of sharing fashion and lifestyle advice that makes you feel like you're chatting with a friend. Not to mention, Sassy Bella is one of Australia's original (and oldest fashion) blogs, having been around for 13 years.

9. Olivia Miles

The Blog: Wait Until The Sunset

Olivia is incredibly honest and relatable when it comes to fashion. She also has a shoes and accessories collection we'd very much like to borrow, please and thanks.

10. Margaret Zhang

The Blog: Shine By Three

Margaret is most well-known for her time in front of the camera; she looks like she's stepped out of the pages of a fashion magazine, and is followed by almost half a million people on Instagram. But Margaret is also a talented writer, photographer and stylist. Quadruple threat.

11. Samara Gentle

The Blog: Blonde Ink

Samara is a passionate voice in Australia's fashion blogging community. She writes sincerely about her love of fashion and the journey she's taken to learn to love herself. The Indigenous Australian also founded Canberra-based arts and culture magazine Big Ink.

12. Cecylia Kee

The Blog: Cecylia

Cecylia is a seriously sophisticated lady. Her style is clean and sleek, and when she's not giving us wardrobe envy, Cecylia is saving animals as a vet.

13. Samantha Morris

The Blog: Curvy Sam

Samantha is a plus-sized model, an editor of Skorch magazine, and advocate for body positivity. Also, have you seen that hair? #goals

14. Kaitlyn Ham

The Blog: Modern Legacy

Kaitlyn's monochromatic sports-luxe style has won her over 100 thousand followers on Instagram, and it's easy to see why. The simple palette and minimalist styling makes it hard to stop scrolling. You just want more.

15. Teer Wayde

The Blog: Curves to Kill

Teer's blog is a treasure trove for vintage lovers. Her lip and eyeliner game is on point, and did we mention she was Cleo magazine's first female centrefold?

16. Charlotte Bridgeman

The Blog: Winston & Willow

Although Charlotte only started blogging in 2013, the Melbournite has already amassed over 32 thousand Instagram followers. One of the best things about Charlotte's style is that it's within reach; her blog features brands like Topshop, ASOS and River Island, meaning that what she bags, anyone else can buy.

17. Phoebe Montague

The Blog: Lady Melbourne

Phoebe is the kind of blogger who could make ripped jeans look glamorous if she so desired. Not only does her blog feature her vintage-inspired style, but it also showcases beautiful Melbourne and its surrounds.

18. Nicole Warne

The Blog: Gary Pepper Girl

Nicole - also known as the Gary Pepper Girl - is not only one of Australia's best fashion bloggers, but one of best worldwide. Her Instagram is a feast for fashion and travel lovers, as she shoots all over the world.