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    Here Is Proof British People Cannot Cope With Hot Weather

    "Not sure if I'm wet from the shower or if I'm already sweating."

    In case you hadn't noticed, it's hot in the UK today.

    As in, very hot.

    The Met Office says it will reach 35°C in London today.

    The #Heatwave will peak today with highs of 35 °C likely in the London area #hottestdayoftheyear

    It's expected to be the hottest day for nine years, in fact.

    Meanwhile in the UK... "ITS TOO HOT."

    This is OFFICIALLY too much for British people. Polling has found that 21°C is the ideal temperature and 28°C is "too hot".

    Today's #StatoftheDay Read more: #hottestdayoftheyear

    So expect your Facebook and Instagram to be full of NOTHING else today.


    Does anyone know if its going to be hot today? No one seems to be mentioning it. #hottestdayoftheyear ☀😓

    Last night people couldn't sleep.

    There was this eternal hot weather problem.

    Some people may have even been hallucinating.

    And many couldn't face even looking outside.

    Armpits were a source of much anxiety this morning.

    Why does everyone else look a normal temperature on the tube and I'm all help.

    People were wearing weather-appropriate clothing for work.

    The whole country is affected.

    If you're not in London, spare a thought for anyone who had to get the tube.

    How unpleasant will your tube journey be this week due to the heat? Luckily the TFL are helping with that

    Me on the tube tomorrow in 30 degree heat

    Oxford Circus tube station this evening. #HeatWave

    Siri's slightly sarcastic tone wasn't helping matters.

    #Siri is mocking every British person on the London tube network

    And all those people with beards aren't feeling too cool about now.