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The "Magic Mike XXL" Cast Tries To Define Strip Club Slang

What's a vulture?

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With today marking the official release of Magic Mike XXL, we decided to test the men of the movie on their strip club slang. We admit, the game was tough. Channing Tatum and tWitch played against Matt Bomer and Donald Glover to see who could define the most words or phrases explained around the web — terms that may be uncommon, but certainly do exist. So buckle up for Stripper Slang 101.

Matt and Donald went with a teamwork-style approach in their attempt to define the phrase.


According to one website, no.

TO CHUM THE WATERS: The strategy of tipping generously to receive more attention from dancers for the rest of the evening.


This duo was on fire. Their guess was nearly spot-on.


CORRECT! Sort of, according to one site.

A VULTURE: A stripper who hovers near the door of a strip club waiting to pounce on new arrivals.


Matt was really carrying his team along. He got their third answer right, winning it all.


CORRECT! Somewhat, according to one article.

HOT SEAT: When a customer sits in a chair on stage and receives a dancer's affections.

Watch highlights from our interview in the video below:

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Make sure to check out Magic Mike XXL in theaters now.

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