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23 Struggles Only Adult Directioners Understand

♪ Story of my life ♪

1. You feel like you’re constantly judged by society for being a diehard One Direction fan at your age.

2. Whenever the band comes out with a new music video you hysterically burst out into tears of joy and your friends think you're clinically insane.

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3. You were actually a Directioner from day one and religiously watched every episode when they were on X Factor.


4. You envy the younger fans who are living the open Directioner lifestyle you wish you could live as an adult.

Scott Barbour / Getty Images

5. And you wish your grown-ass had the stamina to keep up with them at concerts, but usually you just end up chilling with their parents.

Ryan Pierse / Getty Images

6. You couldn't take off from work the day Zayn left the group even though you legitimately needed a personal day to mourn.

Shiraaz Mohamed / AP Images

7. And no one understood your mood swings through all the ups and downs of Zayn's many hairdos.

8. It kills you that you’re too old to be the lucky girl Harry picks out of the crowd to serenade on stage.

Charles Sykes / AP Images

9. You try your best to surround yourself with passionate Directioners but usually just end up feeling like a creeper because they're all so young.

Scott Barbour / Getty Images

10. There have been low points when you actually pretended to be a part of a family just to cut the concert line and walk in with them.

Scott Barbour / Getty Images

11. Blending in with the fandom at concerts is also a struggle, but when Harry's on stage you can't help but bully your way to the front.

Phil Walter / Getty Images

12. Sometimes you stand with the parental units in the hopes of meeting a hot single chaperone to talk to.

Dan Kitwood / Getty Images

13. Other times you give up altogether and sit on the sidelines with the moms just to take a break from all the action.

Francois Nel / Getty Images

14. And when people mistake you for a Directioner’s parent you play along just to avoid awkwardly correcting them.

Hagen Hopkins / Getty Images

15. When you go to a party you can't help but beg the DJ to play one of your fave jams from their first album.

16. You scared the kids at Madame Tussaud's when you had an emotional breakdown next to their perfect wax figures.

Ben A. Pruchnie / Getty Images

17. You try to recruit your friends to go to a 1D concert with you, but they would rather go see that Beyoncé chick.

Scott Barbour / Getty Images

18. You watched This Is Us alone because no adult you know was willing to skip a bar night to enable your obsession.

19. Some days you just fucking embrace it and openly support 1D in public despite all the weird looks you get.

20. It's always a struggle trying to discreetly work One Direction into your daily wardrobe, but when you nail it you feel ridiculously accomplished.

21. Plus those 1D bracelets are perfect because you can totally get away with wearing those to work without anyone noticing.

22. You feel particularly entitled as a Directioner because you're actually old enough to date one of the guys.


23. And you're probably never going to get married because obviously no one can compete with a world famous pop star.

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