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Tons Of People Have Tonsil Stones Even Though You've Never Heard Of Them

These mostly harmless stones can be quite annoying, and the images are pretty gross!

Gross Science explains the science behind tonsil stones, which you probably didn't even know were a thing, even though tons of people have them!

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This is what a tonsil stone looks like. Warning: pretty gnarly!

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While the image is pretty tough to look at, it's more common than you think!

Host Anna Rothschild explains that you might develop tonsil stones if you have repeated bouts of tonsillitis, or even just big ol' tonsils.

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Tonsil stones are more common that you think! Ask around, you probably know a few people who have them!

You might not even know they are there, because they can grow BEHIND the tonsil, just out of sight.

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The stones can form when dead cells, mucus, and food get stuck in the crevices of your tonsils and harden.

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The little ones can be harmless, but as they grow, they can cause sore throats, ear pain, and they could give you some stanky breath.

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It's all because tonsil stones are basically a feast for bacteria and other microbes.

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Some recommended methods for removing tonsil stones include: gargling with salt water or popping them out with your finger or a cotton swab. Some BuzzFeed staffers who have experienced tonsil stones say it is an incredibly satisfying feeling to pop out a stone!

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