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    12 Unbelievably Rad "Mean Girls" Nail Art Designs

    Get in, loser.

    1. The smoke detail on this Burn Book motif really makes this mani Plastic-worthy.

    2. That backwards "K" really takes the cake tho.

    3. It's like each nail is its own scene!

    4. Here's a look inspired by the wonderful Gretchen Weiners, with the Toaster Strudel heiress' signature argyle.

    5. Love the combo of Regina-esque plaids and illustrations on this design.

    6. One of the best quotes in the movie!

    7. That little tank with the boobs cut out is pure genius.

    8. Split up an awesome quote over a couple nails, then add a Damian in disguise, and you get this impressive work of art.

    9. Not sure how this artiste got entire sentences on each nail, but it sure is a miracle!

    10. Here's a little Regina smooch to round out a Burn Book mani.

    11. These look like little decals or printed minis that were then covered with a clear top coat. Very fetch.

    12. Ooooh! And if you want your own ultra-grool decals to make Mean Girls nail art, you can buy them!

    They're only $7 on Etsy!

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