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19 Things Retail Workers Are Inexplicably Held Responsible For

The customer is always, apparently, right.

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1. The customer not looking good in everything they try on.

The lack of respect you get working in retail from customers is outstanding

The job description of sales assistant did not include a visit to the warehouse to become a worker elf creating T-shirts that look perfect on each and every customer.


5. Make-up stains on an item.

I did not apply orange make-up and rub my cheek on the collar of that shirt.

6. Not letting the customer try on underwear.

If you want to mingle ball sweat, go do it at home.

7. Not being able to refund underwear.

Working in retail has made me realise that 80% of human beings we're not brought up with basic manners 😴😴

Again, the whole mingling sweat business.

8. Not being able to refund something that was clearly being worn around town the night before.

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Although if you ask me, that WKD Blue stain really adds a little something-something to the item.


10. The temperature, both inside and outside the store.

love working in retail in this weather when customers come in and tell me how lovely and hot it is outside lol thanks

Yes, there is a thermostat inside. No, that doesn't include sun and wind controls.

11. The customer's child spilling something on the floor.

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Considering I'm not allowed to give you the mop, I will take great pleasure in cleaning up your child's mess. Do you want me to come to your house and hoover too?


13. Not serving food.

If there were a McDonald's in here, I wouldn't be stood here talking to you. No offence.

14. Not being completely sober at work. / Via

Hey, at least I didn't prance into work and start using the counter as a Coyote Ugly bar.

15. Too much Rihanna on the playlist.

Yes, there is a specific clause in my contract that makes me DJ as well as sales assistant.

16. The cleanliness of the store.

While folding clothes may come under my job description, getting on my hands and knees to scrub the skirting boards doesn't.


17. Making the customer feel bad because you look too miserable.

If you ever want to be constantly reminded of the presence of evil and cruelty in human nature I suggest working retail

You seriously don't care whether she picks the blue dress or the black dress. She probably called you an asshole. But you gotta smile at that woman like she just rubbed your feet. Despise her from the inside.