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    21 Reasons Cuban Moms Are The Best

    Your partner-in-chisme.

    1. She truly has a way with words. It's like poetry, the things she says.

    2. Like, seriously. Everything she says is practically a sonnet.

    Shall I compare thee to a tiki tiki?

    3. Her suggestions are always super helpful.

    All the time! #cuban #CubansBeLike #cubans #CubanMomsBeLike #CubanProblems (Vine by Victoria(Toria))

    4. She's there for you when you need it most.

    Call mom 24516 times, no answer. Text mom saying "I have chisme", calls me back within 1 minute. #cubanmomproblems

    You, on phone: Mami, tengo chi--

    Mom, immediately beside you: --YES?

    5. And she always has a ~pleasant~ surprise in store for you.

    6. And you know you're on her mind even when you're apart.

    7. She is both a doer and a dreamer.

    😏... 😮💩

    8. She's always willing to let you do your own thing.

    My heart says yes but my mom says no

    She's cool like that.

    9. She never hesitates to give people directions.

    10. She has total respect for boundaries.

    11. She has a unique artistic vision.

    Dile chi, mima.

    12. She is so, so much stronger than she looks.

    13. She's always open to feedback and suggestions.


    14. She's hip and happening.

    Me talking to friend:"we gonna go h.a.m tonight!" Mom:"yo tengo mucho ham en la casa si quieres te hago un sanwich" #CubanMomProblems #dead


    15. She is quick to compliment you.

    "How nice!"

    16. She encourages you to eat a wide range of food.

    Like rice and lechón and pan and frijoles and bistec and lentejas and rice and rice and rice and rice and chicken and rice and rice.

    17. And she is super, super chill about what her adult children are up to.

    18. In fact, she is, overall, a very laidback type of person.

    When mami wakes the entire house up about a fork in the sink @ 3 AM:

    Especially when it comes to cleanliness.

    19. And she's never cared much about what others think.

    So true! ・・・⁰Cuban moms be like #cubanmoms#cubans#cubanwomen#cubansbelike#limpia#limpial...

    I mean, just look at that pigsty.

    20. Like, we REALLY cannot stress her level of chill enough.

    21. And she's always here for a party.

    Pahdy time!

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