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Never Forget That Time Chris Pratt Was In YM Magazine

What's your ideal date?

Chris Pratt is killing it.

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He has a beautiful wife and adorable son...

Is a dinosaur whisperer in Jurassic World...

Universal Pictures
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Guarded the galaxy in Guardians of the Galaxy...

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And made us all laugh as Andy Dwyer in Parks & Recreation.

But not long ago Chris Pratt was just like the rest of us.

Just a normal dude looking for love, trying to plan the perfect date.

And luckily, Tumblr is here to remind us of that.

Back in the day, when Chris was on Everwood, he described his ideal date to YM magazine (RIP).

A private jet? Massages? People feeding you grapes? Anna, girl, tell him to buy some plane tickets now!

Seriously though, these two probably have the best date nights ever.

Robin Marchant

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