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42 Foods You Wish You Could Eat Again

Bagel Bites are basically a time machine.

We recently asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to share what foods brought them right back to their childhood. Here’s what they had to say:

1. Fluffernutter Sandwiches

Phil King CC BY-NC-ND / Via Flickr: pkingdesign

"Peanut butter and fluffernutter sandwiches! Not jelly, but marshmallow fluff! They were the best...usually served with Ruffles and a Kosher Dill Pickle Spear! MMMMMM."

—Submitted by MJ Cormier

2. Bagel Bites

Adam Kuban CC BY-NC-ND / Via Flickr: slice

"I grew up in the ’90s. So many foods came and went. My favorite food growing up had to be Bagel Bites. I lived for those mini pizzas. I still make them but now they’re full size bagels. #bringbackbagelbites."

—Submitted by ashwd

3. Warheads

Joe Doe CC BY-NC-ND / Via Flickr: 47104521@N08

—Submitted by Emily Booth, Facebook

4. Otter Pops

Shindigs Girl CC BY / Via Flickr: littleshindigs

"All the Otter Pops. Everyone loves them except Alexander the Grape...he was always the last one left in the freezer until dad ate them all." —ttyler

—Submitted by Sarah Anderson, Facebook and ttyler

5. Kraft Macaroni & Cheese with Add-ins

Andrea Chiu CC BY-NC-ND / Drew XXX CC BY-NC / Via Flickr: foxymoron Flickr: nyer82

"Kraft in the box macaroni and cheese. We would have it with smoked sausage and veggies, or my mom would make goulash with it. She would just add ground beef and canned diced tomatoes. That was my favorite meal when I was a kid."

—Submitted by Samantha Hoover, Facebook

6. Bugles

7. Bottle Caps

Robert Occhialini CC BY-NC / Wonka / Via Flickr: bump

—Submitted by Robin McHugh Nichols, Facebook

8. Topps Bubble Gum Juice Cartons

9. Ecto-Cooler

10. Moon Pies

theimpulsivebuy CC BY-SA / Via Flickr: theimpulsivebuy

—Submitted by Drea Rockett.

11. Push-up Pops

12. Haribo Anything

vmpyr_david CC BY-NC-ND / Via Flickr: vmpyrdavid Flickr: rhoadeecha

—Submitted by DoctorNoodleKnocker

13. 3D Doritos

14. Squeeze-It

"In every one of my childhood lunches my mom packed me a Squeez-It. The drink was a whole tactile/emotional experience: the little plastic bottles with scrunched up faces, struggling to twist the weird plastic top thing off, and the sweet sweet fruit juice inside...the dream of the '90s man."

—Submitted by Sarah Murillo, Facebook

15. Surge

Magnus Kolstad CC BY-ND / Via Flickr: mrkolby

Lucky for you, Coca Cola has brought this drink back. Make all your favorite adult cocktails here.

—Submitted by megane417939afa

16. Wonder Balls

Kenneth CC BY-NC-ND / Via Flickr: 21273816@N02

"Wonderballs - they were a big hollow chocolate ball with Nicktoon shaped candies inside."

—Submitted by Samantha Marie, Facebook

17. Sprinkl'ins Yogurt

18. Candy Dots

19. Tang

—Submitted by Sarah Green, Facebook

20. Tart N Tinys

—Submitted by FredMcManiac

21. Jell-O Pudding Pops

22. Yogos

23. Fruit Stripe Gum

24. Star Crunch

25. Orbitz

Chris Lewis CC BY-NC / Via Flickr: chrissam42

—Submitted by Katy Leonard

26. Little Hug Fruit Barrels

27. Keebler Magic Middles

—Submitted by Amy Gabriel, Facebook

28. Gargoyles Exploding Pops

"The gargoyles Popsicles with Pop Rocks in them!"

—Submitted by libbyf430731008

29. Trix Yogurt

30. Cry Baby Tears

—Submitted by jmags56

31. Bubble Jug

32. Kid Cuisine

theimpulsivebuy CC BY-SA / Via Flickr: theimpulsivebuy

—Submitted by tweedc4

33. Dinosaur Oatmeal

Morten CC BY-NC / Via Flickr: mortenjohs

"The oatmeal with dinosaur eggs in it! When you heated it up, the egg part would melt and reveal a little sugary dinosaur inside! I’ve got vivid memories of my dad serving up some Dino oatmeal before part of the morning."

—Submitted by mamameows

34. Fruitopia

35. Jaffa Cakes

Frankie Roberto CC BY / Via Flickr: frankieroberto

"Jaffa cakes and hot chocolate. They bring old memories back."

—Submitted by Vikky

36. Ritz and Cheez Dip

"The old Kraft Handi-Snacks. The one with the Ritz crackers and the little red stick to spread the ‘cheese’ on. They never gave you enough crackers, so you had all this cheese left over. I’d just eat the cheese spread by itself."

—Submitted by Klim

37. Hot Dog Octopi

Monica CC BY-NC-ND / Via Flickr: 7506006@N07

Learn how to make these adorable guys here.

—Submitted by sarahf48b3d3d66

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