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    This One Dryer Hack Will De-Wrinkle Your Clothes While They Dry

    Your morning routine just got so much easier.

    Ironing is the absolute worst.

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    You have to navigate around buttons, pockets, sleeves, and your own hands with a steaming hot plate of metal.

    But there's one hack to make your clothes wrinkle-free without using this plastic demon:

    Alison Caporimo

    First, put your dryer on the highest heat setting.

    Then, toss in your clothes and add a small handful of ~magic~...

    And by ~magic~, we mean ice cubes.

    Between two and four, to be exact.

    Then press start!

    As the ice cubes melt, they create steam that reduces wrinkles while the clothes are drying. This works best when using fewer clothes in the dryer (not a whole dryer full) and leaving it on for at least 15 minutes (or until the clothes are completely dry). And while you wait, you can take a shower, make breakfast, do a dance, NOT burn yourself, and a host of other fun non-ironing activities.

    And poof! Wrinkle-free clothes.

    Keep in mind that this technique won't get your clothes as crisp as an iron can — so you might still have to risk life and limb for those suits. But this hack is perfect for shirts, pants, jeans, and anything else you'd normally put in the dryer.

    Laundry will never be the same again.