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32 Signs You And Your Best Friend Are Worse Than THAT Couple

Define TOO close.

1. "Attached at the hip" is never a hyperbole because you literally do everything together.

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And if you show up somewhere separately, someone will without a doubt ask if your friend is OK.

2. You've gotten to the point that you can communicate by non-verbal sounds and looks only.

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"Merp" + *knowing stare* = full, completely coherent conversation.

3. Despite better judgment, you guys ALWAYS support each other's stupid impulses.

In fact, you usually have those stupid impulses together. ~Same wavelength~ or what?

4. You can imagine a future with them better than with a romantic partner.

5. It is absolutely necessary to carry on simultaneous conversations over Snapchat, text, and Facebook at any given time.

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And you do it everywhere. In class, at work, on the toilet...

6. Dating someone who they don't like is out of the question.

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Seriously, you wouldn't even consider it when it could only cause tension between the two of you.

7. Ditto for dating someone who doesn't like your best friend.

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Just not gonna happen.

8. You're super lazy about making new friends, because it feels like unnecessary work when you already have each other.

You know it will be FOREVER until they know you as well as your BFF does.

9. If you ever fight, it feels like a romantic breakup and you treat it as such.

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BRB, blasting "All By Myself" and crying because we're fighting over whether or not Channing Tatum is actually attractive.

10. You have a hard time making decisions without talking things through with them first.

11. You get personally offended when other people don’t like them.

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12. Sometimes you get irrationally possessive or jealous of their other friends.

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But then you get over it when you remember you're #1.

13. You can't even deny this truth bomb:

Because let's be real, your chemistry is undeniable.

14. Being far away from each other is actually a debilitating condition and should be treated as such.

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Long distance? More like LOSING A LIMB.

15. You’re not afraid to text them a million times if you don’t hear back in a timely manner.

16. It is not only okay but 100% necessary to tell each other ALL the mundane details of your days.

Even if it's just like, "Dude, I HAVE to tell you the story of my walk from my bed to the fridge today."

17. You will automatically hate someone that they do, without question.

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18. It is definitely not weird to use "we" in conversation even if you're most definitely just talking about yourself.

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They're basically an extension of you.

19. Your parents have asked at least once if you two are more than friends.

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JUUUST to make sure.

20. Any time either of you makes plans, it's assumed the other is invited along.

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21. Half of your stories begin with, "Remember when?" because you are obsessed with basking in the memories of your friendship.

22. You know all their stories well enough to tell them like your own. Which you do. Constantly.

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TBH, you've forgotten once or twice whether the story was yours or their's.

23. You have a large supply of inside jokes and annoy people around you by referencing them constantly.

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It is definitely worse to third-wheel you two than it is a romantic couple.

24. You regularly show up at their place or in their bed uninvited and it's totally cool.

25. It's an unwritten rule you must like everything the other person posts on social media.

26. There's no need to keep track of how much money you owe each other because you know it balances out.

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I'll buy you a coffee today, you can get me a slice tomorrow, I'll get the wine for the weekend... Communal bank account, tbh.

27. You have a separate relationship with their parents.

And it totally freaks them out sometimes that you know their mom got a new haircut before they do. But they secretly love it.

28. You’ve picked up each other’s slang words and phrases.

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Even if you stole their slang ironically at first, NOW YOU CAN'T STOP.

29. Your Instagrams together are more obnoxious than even the most couple-y pics.

You guys are THAT couple and you're not even a couple.

30. If you have a plus one anywhere, it's theirs, no question.


God forbid you ever get a real partner and have to explain to them why they're not your choice wedding date.

31. You know you can't be OK unless they're OK, too.

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32. Above all, there is nothing better than sitting around and talking about how great your friendship is and how lucky you are to have each other.

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Because yeah, you're pretty freaking lucky.