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10 Ice Cream Sandwiches In London You Need To Try

Stay cool in the heat.

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2. Horlick's Ice Cream Sandwich at Bao

One of the best ice cream sandwiches comes from one of the most Instagrammed restaurants of the year. Horlick's ice cream in a super shiny bun.

3. Peanut Butter and Jelly at Spuntino

A London classic! The "toast" is peanut butter ice cream, and there's a saucy jam filling.


4. Oat and Raisin with Vanilla Ice Cream at Ruby Violet

Ruby Violet

Who doesn't love a chewy-in-the-middle oat and raisin biscuit? Especially when they come in pairs, filled with Madagascan vanilla ice cream.

5. The Brown-wich at Chin Chin Labs

Chin Chin Labs

This nitro ice-cream shop serves a sandwich called the "brown-wich". Two brownie cookies are stuffed with Pondiberry vanilla, cherry or this scarlet beetroot flavour.

6. Brown butter cookie sandwiches at Blu Top Ice Cream Sandwiches

Blue Top Ice Cream Sandwiches

Behold, the beauty that is brown butter chocolate chip cookies with bourbon whiskey old fashioned ice cream, topped with dark choc chips.

Find the van every Saturday at Druid Street Market (Bermondsey) and every Friday lunch at KERB: West India Quay.

7. Choc Chip Cherry Swirl at Milo and Hector's

Milo and Hector's

The soft cookie sandwiches at Milo and Hector are brilliantly soft and messy. Cherry swirl ice cream with chocolate chip cookies is the best.

8. The Classic Wafer Sandwich at Cinnamon Parlour

Cinnamon Parlour

Remember these? People of a certain age will have a soft spot for this classic style. Choose from vanilla, chocolate or cinnamon flavours, sandwiched between two wafers.

9. Chocolate Brownie Ice Cream Sandwich at Batch Bakery

Batch Bakery

The brownies here are frozen, which gives them a lovely fudgy texture, and the fillings come in flavours like white Russian and chocolate malt (above).

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