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This Video Is Letting Catholics Know That It Gets Better Now That The US Has Marriage Equality

Catholics are "not afraid and not alone."

CatholicVote, a group looking to "inspire Americans of all faiths to prioritize the issues of life, faith, and family" has released a video letting Catholics know that it gets better.

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The video was released ahead of last Friday's Supreme Court ruling that struck down same-sex marriage bans across the United States.

The message from the six young people featured on the video is that "they're not afraid. And they're not alone."

Brian Burch, president of CatholicVote, told BuzzFeed News that conservatives are the new persecuted minority.

"It doesn't take much searching to find the growing hatred and bigotry directed at people of faith. Businesses are being shuttered. Prominent newspapers and magazines are calling for an end to tax exemption of religious groups," he said.

But the style of the video is oddly familiar.

The video is very similar in style to the well-known "It Gets Better" series, which aims to help LGBT teens who are struggling with their identity.

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The It Gets Better project was created in 2010 in response to a number of LGBT youth suicides. It was designed to "create and inspire the changes needed" to help LGBT youths around the world.

The videos feature fellow LGBT youths, activists, and celebrities sitting in front of the camera, revealing the difficulties they faced growing up and discussing how they overcame those difficulties.

Burch denies that mimicking the style of the It Gets Better videos was a slap in the face to LGBT youths.

"We don't feel it is disrespectful at all," he said. "The young people [in the video] were speaking from the heart to the millions of American young people who are conflicted after being told they have to accept same-sex marriage or be branded a bigot. Gays deserve dignity and respect, and so do Christians."

The video has angered many online, who feel it wrongly positions people of faith as a persecuted minority.

@CatholicVote that's not courage. Courage is growing up around anti-gay hatred and coming through the other side a strong proud LGBT person.

@CatholicVote yeah let's love people who spit on us and hate us and destroy our country

.@CatholicVote don't confuse the "courage" it takes to express an unpopular opinion with the courage it takes for a gay kid to come out.

@CatholicVote this is bigoted nonsense.

@CatholicVote Bigots whining about being labeled as bigots. This same logic excuses sexism, racism, and any oppression based on religion.

While plenty of people on the group's Facebook page say the video makes an important point.

Burch says that both sides of the debate need to be more respectful.

"Where real hatred and bigotry has occurred, it deserves to be condemned," he said.

"LGBT advocates are right to call out people who behave reprehensibly in defense of marriage. But likewise, and to be consistent, they should condemn those that are intolerant of anyone that disagrees with the same-sex agenda."