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    5 Under-The-Radar Philly Bands To Follow In 2015

    Unlike music scene giants like Nashville or NYC, the Philly scene is more of a community than a competition. Still, bands have to make their way inside that community, which floods prime spots like Johnny Brenda's or Kung Fu Necktie and local airwaves like WXPN to get hyped. So here's your list of 5 underrated bands not getting the attention they deserve in the Philly area for 2015.

    1. The Revere

    Via Facebook: TheRevere

    Words like "epic" have lost their meaning amongst you dramatic millennials, but "epic" is exactly what The Revere is. Plain and simple. They slay in the studio and have a collection of consistent records all available on their website to further my case.

    If you want rock solid vibes and lyrics worth pondering, give this trio a follow and catch them live before they make it big and you lose bragging rights.

    2. Upperfields

    Via Facebook: Upperfields

    These fellas are riding the last wave of indie folk before this new swell of dance/pop completely takes over Philly, with some transcendental melodies you won't soon forget. It's simple. It's smooth. It might make you sleepy and might make you dance. But whatever it makes you, it's good. Real good.

    Check their debut EP here and keep up to date with their happenings here.

    3. Eunoia

    Via Facebook: EunoiaBandPA

    Who says suburban kids don't know the struggle? Just let me tell ya'll what it's like, to be male, middle-class and white via 4-piece emo/pop band Eunoia. These fellas are a breath of fresh air amidst a monotonous scene of pop/punk with catchy tunes about heartbreak and anxiety. It's that next level deeper than your average pop song, but not so deep that you drown. Maybe.

    But don't take my word for it. Learn how real the struggle is yourself here by grabbing their debut LP and stuff. And things.

    4. Aaron David & The Wise Owls

    Via Facebook: AaronDavidMusic

    When you're at the bar with your friends and that Lynyrd Skynyrd cover band that gets paid $200 an hour is playing, Aaron David & The Wise Owls is what you wish you were hearing. In the best way possible.

    Nothing but original sounding, upbeat, raw country pop music, with a twist of folk 'n roll. It takes more than just good songwriting to capture a crowd these days, and these guys have got that something extra in their stage presence to do the trick. Get on board with their single here.

    5. Pompton Lakes

    Via Facebook: PomptonLakesMusic

    Remember back when Tooth & Nail Records had all those sweet bands? Pompton Lakes should've been in on that. Somewhere ambient between Copeland and Mae, these dudes have their debut release up for free and are working on new tunes for your earboxes in the very moments you scroll down this clickbait list.

    Get into their sound with the single here and catch em in the city if you want to be blown away by an airtight performance.

    And fun fact: frontman, Jeff Martin, previously led This Day & Age. Okay now go follow them.