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April 23, 2008


This year's gathering in Germany showcases Artificial Intelligence designed to rescue humans and play soccer, among other less awesome things.

Young Me/Now Me

Ze Frank's new project is a collection of childhood photographs compared with present day recreations.

Juan Diego Florez

The tenor broke the Metropolitan Opera's 14-year ban on solo encores after nailing nine high C's to a thrilled crowd.


Famous tailor Bruce Oldfield has redesigned McDonald's uniforms for its UK staff with darker tones, three piece suits and pencil skirts.

A Tribe Called Quest

Brush off your kente cloth robe and clean up that fade - the hip hop trio is reuniting for the upcoming Rock The Bells tour.

Lab Meat

PETA is offering $1 million to anyone who can bring lab-made meat to the market by 2012.

The Red Album

Weezer's new album is supposedly a throwback to the essential Blue Album. It won't be out until June 25th, but the speculated album cover has been floating around the internets.

Sex Chairs

A round-up of love-making loungers, from the tantric to the gravity-free.

Justine Ezarik

As "lifecaster" iJustine, this designer from Pittsburgh is a certified ce-web-rity.


A social typing game that lets you match your speed against strangers or friends.

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