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April 16, 2008

Colorado Ski Deaths

With 17 fatalities on the slopes already this year, Colorado's ski areas are suddenly under scrutiny.

Erin Andrews

ESPN sideline reporter has quite the YouTube following, including 1 million hits on a video that's just a slideshow of random photos of her.

Mitchell And Webb

Their sketch show on the BBC, That Mitchell And Webb Look, have earned them hardcore fans on both sides of the pond.


Aged batches of the Brazilian liquor - distilled from sugar cane - are popular among discerning booze hounds.

Tricia Walsh-Smith

The wife of a major Broadway theater operator airs their sordid marriage secrets on YouTube in order to gain leverage in a divorce.

Peggy Noland

Her outrageous spandex creations have been seen on bands like CSS and Tilly and the Wall.

Islamic Pubs

Britain's first Islamic pub provides a recreational place for Muslims to hang out and relax in, without the beer.


The New Yorker delves into the secret lives of elevators, including the story of a man who was stuck inside one for 41 hours (and it was all caught on tape!).

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