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April 11, 2008

Beard Font

A group of 26 bearded men are suddenly everyone's favorite font.

Scented Pencils

Pentel makes aromatherapy pencils; Smencils are gourmet-scented pencils that come in flavors like cinnamon and popcorn.


A fascinating documentary by Ari Libsker about Nazi porn opens this week.

Watch Cellphone

The Van Der Led WM2 finally fulfills the Dick Tracy fantasies of the shrinking segment of the population who remembers who Dick Tracy is.

New Crayon Names

For their 50th anniversary, Crayon renames eight of its crayon colors to names like "best friends" and "awesome."


A connected array of services - a web site, desktop client, phone interface - that let's you collect bookmarks online and also in the real world.

Dick Cheney's Sunglasses

A photo taken of Dick Cheney while fly fishing reveals a (speculated) naked woman caught in the reflection of his sunglasses.


Big Boi from Outkast teams up with Atlanta Ballet choreographer for an innovative musical performance, debuting in Atlanta.

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