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April 22, 2008


The first official convention celebrating Internet memes will take place at Harvard University, where hundreds of web nerds will actually hear each other LOL.

One Bra, 100 Ways

A Long Island paralegal has sued Victoria’s Secret, saying the company mass-produced her idea for a "strapless convertible bra" that can be worn 100 different ways.

GPS Paranoia

A slew of new products connect GPS technology with your paranoid fantasies, making it easier than ever for someone to track or be tracked.


A Florida lawmaker is proposing a $60 fine for motorists who display "Trucknutz" - plastic and chrome replicas of testicles - on their vehicles.

Space Wedding

Virgin CEO Richard Branson conducts a wedding on a mid-flight airplane to outer space.

Gold Fiction

Chanel releases its fall 2008 beauty collection, which includes the new "it" nail polish color: a dark sparkly gold shade.

Phoenix Lights Return

11 years after the first mystery sighting, unexplained lights appeared in the sky again last night over Phoenix.

Designer Bongs

An upscale glass-blowing gallery opens in LA selling beautifully-designed bongs that double as sculptural art.

Food Hoarding

With global shortages of rice and flour, governments and retailers are starting to go old school with rationing, and the hoarders have started to appear.

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