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April 15, 2008

Justin Bobby

Audrina's scummy ex-boyfriend from The Hills lands a modeling gig for men's label, Orthodox.

Guillermo Vargas

The Costa Rican artist is the target of much controversy after he tied up an allegedly starving dog who some claimed died while on "display."

Iron Man Prelash

The film is suffering a backlash before it even comes out, which we're calling a prelash.

A student group dedicated to legalizing the carrying of concealed weapons on college campuses.

Marfa, TX

A small desert town in Texas has an interesting art scene.

Excelsior 1968

The Flickr set of John Martz's redrawing of his mom's 1968 yearbook is strangely compelling.

The Source

Between a new book about them and the recent reunion of their band Yo Ho Wa 13, the 1970s Los Angeles-based cult The Source is getting a lot of attention.

Wizard Rock

Two documentaries about Harry Potter-inspired pop music, websites, and other fan creations have surfaced in the past month.

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