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April 9, 2008

Nokia Tube

Pictures and rumors about Nokia's response to the iPhone - codenamed Tube - are percolating online.

Placenta 10000

How do Japanese women manage to look so good? Easy! By drinking pig placenta!

The Paper

MTV's new reality show is set at Cypress Bay High School, but the focus this time is on four students vying to become Editor-In-Chief of the school's newspaper The Circuit.

I Dream Of...

A series of blogs started by Canadian writer Sheila Heti where people can post their dreams (real, sleeping dreams) about a Presidential candidate of their choice.

Biodegradable Pot

Designed to be used once and then composted, Francois Clerc's Graine de Pot is a space-saving objet de art.

Flickr Video

The much-anticipated video feature of Flickr launches, with a 90-second time limit and a super-streamlined video player.

Oliver Stone's Bush Film

Filmmaker Oliver Stone is currently casting for a film called W about the life and antics of President George W. Bush.

Reality TV Casting Calls

The perfect role is waiting for you. Here's a round-up of reality television casting listings, as well as some of the funnier posts we've come across.

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