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January 29, 2014

Justin Bieber Arrested In Toronto

So there was the arrest in Miami last week, but there's also an alleged assault involving a limousine driver in Toronto.

27 Men Who Were Defeated By Shopping

Miserable Men is an Instagram account that compiles just that: men being miserable while shopping. And it is glorious.

25 Brand Slogans That Are Way More Accurate

Graphic designer Clif Dickens took our favorite brands and rewrote their slogans so that they reflect what we really think of them.

Disney's Evil Ladies

In celebration of the premiere of the Maleficent movie trailer (Have you seen it? It’s creeeepy!), we wanted to take the time to nod our caps to some of the most evil women in the Disney universe. Whether it’s the clutches of Ursula’s tentacles, a tempting apple from the Wicked Queen, or a curse from Maleficent, the deceiving traps of these wrathful women are something you’d surely prefer to avoid.

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