Twitter Reacts To Influx Of Romanians And Bulgarians

As employment restrictions are lifted on millions of Bulgarian and Romanian nationals, Twitter responds the only way it knows how: by taking the piss.

1. Today sees the end of restrictions on Bulgarian and Romanian nationals coming to work in the UK.

2. Which has had the UK’s right-wing media in a state of panic for months.

3. The Mail Online even reported that all flights from Bulgaria to the UK on the 1st January were completely booked up. / Via dailymail,co,uk

4. But this quickly turned out to be cobblers.

5. So Britain prepared itself for the oncoming stampede of job-seeking immigrants.

6. And when the day finally came, Twitter reacted the only way it knew how: by taking the piss.

24. Although early reports suggest that there may have been a slight overreaction.

25. Still, here’s to you our new Romanian friend. WELCOME TO BRITAIN.

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