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January 9, 2014

12 Wickedly Beautiful Perfume Bottles Inspired By Iconic Disney Villains

These gorgeous bottles designed by artist Ruby Spark , perfectly capture the essence of your favorite baddies and will leave you wishing they were real.

This Is What The "Polar Vortex" Really Did To A Lake Michigan Lighthouse

After numerous old photos of frozen lighthouses began circulating on the internet this week, BuzzFeed went to find out how the record cold spell truly transformed a Lake Michigan landmark.

18 Reasons To Get Pumped For Awards Season

Awards season is officially here! This year's season is longer to make room for the Olympics and if last year was an indicator of anything, this year's shows will be worth watching.

10 Cards Against Humanities Cards You Didn't Know You Needed

If you haven't played the cult game Cards Against Humanity, why are you reading this? If you have, here are 10 new cards from Ladies Against Humanity that we need in the next expansion pack. There's a new tumblr in town, and you should be as obsessed as I am.

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