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January 17, 2014

Mississippi Karate Instructor Pleads Guilty To Sending Ricin-Laced Letters

The man who (infamously) tried to frame an Elvis impersonator in April will likely serve 25 years in prison.

Ellen's Interview With Elias, The Child Prodigy, Is The Cutest Thing You'll See Today

Ellen called this interview with 7-year-old Elias "one of the most memorable" she's ever done.

Harvey Weinstein To End Gun Violence With New Anti-NRA Movie · The A.V. Club

Former Miramax head Harvey Weinstein, tired of merely bullying people inside the film industry, has set his sights on a bigger target: the National Rifle Association. He's producing The Senator's Wife, a film that will star perennial Oscar nominee… While there's probably an even-handed documentary to be made about the efforts to enact stronger gun control in the aftermath of Sandy Hook, Weinstein's film will be a more pointed, fictional tale he compares to Mr. Smith Goes to Washington. As Weinstein announced his plans to make the movie on Howard Stern's show, he declared, "I don't think we need guns in this country," and called the NRA "a disaster area." Gun control remains an extremely hot-button issue, as evidenced by the fact that it's virtually impossible to find an article about the film that doesn't already take one side or the other. If you think the NRA's tactics are odious, try Deadline, which quotes President Obama's shaming of the organization after his gun legislation failed in Congress, then points out that after the Aurora and Newton massacres, the NRA made robocalls to local residents—including the parents of murdered children—asking for money. And if you think the NRA is the only thing stopping the jack-booted thugs from taking away all of our rights, try the Washington Times, which devotes a full half of its article on the project to a defense of gun rights that's directed at Weinstein personally—a defense that invokes the Holocaust almost immediately. Based on this early reaction, we can only imagine the tone the debate will have reached by the time the film actually hits theaters.

The Skin-Care Lies To STOP Believing Today

In the self-improvement department, few things feel more indulgent than a facial. During the 30-to-60-minute procedure, your skin will invariably be steam cleaned, sloughed, and slathered with a variety of nutrient-rich masks, serums, and… Along with squeaky-clean skin and a tranquil mind, you may also leave the spa with a few choice tidbits offered by the aesthetician — everything from the transformative powers of the treatment at hand to at-home strategies that will rev up radiance. And, while many of her observances and tips are indisputable (for example, "Lavender oil soothes and hydrates," "Keep your hands away from your face to avoid causing a breakout"), others require a dose of healthy skepticism. "I call it 'spa science' because there isn’t a lot of science behind many of the claims," says Doris Day M.D., clinical associate professor of dermatology at New York University Langone Medical Center. Still, she and other dermatologists are fans of the facial, provided it’s under the guidance of a trained professional and customized for your skin type. "Enjoy the process, but take the advice with a grain of salt," she says. "Think of a facial as a treat rather than a medical treatment." We polled women for "facts" they’ve heard at the spa or salon, then asked three top docs to set the record straight. Read on to find out the truth behind some of the lies lurking under all that lavender oil and Enya. Want even more R29? Get the latest news, tips, and can't-resist stories delivered straight to your newsfeed, in real time.

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