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January 20, 2014

SNL's Sasheer Zamata As A "Girls" Tour Guide

OK, so there's no official tour for the show Girls (yet). SNL's newest cast member stars in a video short imagining the hellworld if there was.

Peter Capaldi’s Doctor Who Fan Art From 1976

We already know that Peter Capaldi was a major Doctor Who fan as a child. He even petitioned to run the official Doctor Who fan club in 1972. This beautiful sketch of the TARDIS comes is yet another bit of fan art by a young Capaldi who submitted the illustration along with the short piece on the show’s opening titles featured in the link above. They appeared in the May issue of the Doctor Who International Fan Club Magazine long before Capaldi was in line to play The Doctor. Sort of feels like things have come full circle.

12 Strangely Beautiful Photos Of UK Floods

Photographer Matilda Temperley decided to capture the dramatic effects of the recent UK flooding with artistic shots of waterlogged farmland in Somerset.

11 Facts Everyone Should Know About Orca Captivity

Recent events have reignited controversies surrounding captive orcas.

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