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January 13, 2014

6 Informative Illustrations Of Poets And Their Homes

Artist Lily Cuyler drew some of the greatest poets with the places where they once dwelled.

9 Dream Castings For "Frozen: The Musical"

Frozen is headed for the stage! While we don't know if it's going straight to Broadway, The Great White Way has the stars perfect for each role.

8 Reasons To Miss Gray's Papaya In The West Village

After 28 years, Gray's Papaya has closed and Greenwich Village will never be the same. If you've been a New Yorker at any point in the past few decades, here are some things you'll miss.

British Actors Reenact The Most Ridiculous Conversations On YouTube

The YouTube account Dead Parrot contains brilliant reconstructions of YouTube's most absurd conversations. Warning: The videos contain explicit language.

29 Frases que usamos todos los días traducidas a un pésimo ingles

La página Did You Catch It esta plagada de fantásticas traducciones literales que todos deberíamos empezar a usar.

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