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January 23, 2014

The Only Reasonable Thing To Do With An Old Copy Of "You Got Served"

When tumblr user Acetaildog found an old DVD copy of You Got Served, he did the only thing you should with an old DVD copy of You Got Served. He got serving.

5 Staircases MC Escher Would Be Proud Of

When searching for a new home has this thought ever crossed your mind, “I can’t stand the ugly and cramped staircases”? At least the architects and builders remembered the staircases, right? You may want to stop yourself from running down any these artistic stairway creations that might make the mad graphic artist himself, MC Escher, jealous. When searching for the next home renovation, forget about adding granite counter tops to the kitchen and reform your home’s Feng Shui with these modern masterpieces.

There Is Now A GIF Award Show, In Case The Internet Needed To Explode More

This year marks the first annual GIFY Awards, an award show specifically for GIFs, and I was lucky enough to be a judge. Because anyone can vote (you should!), I felt pressure to nominate some top notch gifs. This was my journey...

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