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January 25, 2014

23 coisas que aconteceriam se as pessoas que tricotam governassem o mundo

Vogue Knitting Live é uma enorme convenção que acontece em Nova Iorque, Seattle e Chicago todos os anos. É basicamente uma festa de formatura, Pinterest e um paraíso para pessoas que tricotam em um só lugar.

Parks And Recreation: “Farmers Market” · The A.V. Club

Besides, tonight’s episode does find some room to innovate within the show’s established comedic formula. Billy Eichner makes his third appearance as Craig, the lovably unhinged Eagleton import. While Eichner’s schedule and the show’s budget likely dictate that Craig can only be an occasional member of the Parks department, “Farmers Market” treats him no differently from the regulars, sending him off on a subplot with April and Andy as though he were there every week. Unlike a character such as Councilman Jamm, who tended to dominate any story in which he featured, Craig is strictly a supporting player here, facilitating Andy’s latest career epiphany. Craig’s role in this episode could have been taken by, say, Donna without altering the fundamental structure of April and Andy’s story. But then we would miss out on Craig’s fiery commitment to giving his horrible tyrant of a nephew the perfect birthday, not to mention the man’s finely honed understanding of 6-year-olds’ peer dynamics: His uncharacteristic obsequiousness toward first-grade social maven Erica Sorvine is a particularly funny touch. The episode even begins digging a little deeper into just what’s going on inside this madman’s head. After all, his primary objection to being assaulted by a bunch of a pint-sized hellions isn’t the whole being assaulted part, but rather the fact that he doesn’t understand the rules of the game. There are some hidden layers to Craig just waiting to be revealed, and they’re all probably pretty damn loud.

13 Easy Steps To Understanding Bitcoins From Hannah Hart

Hannah Hart, star of My Drunk Kitchen on YouTube, is an all around genius when it comes to baking and explaining bitcoins at the same time.

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