25 Things Nobody Tells You About Your First Apartment

    Unfortunately, the Toilet Paper Fairy won't be paying any visits.

    1. You might have to compromise a little.

    2. If you're working with a realtor, they could help make all your dreams come true...

    3. ...or turn your life into a money-hemorrhaging joke.

    4. And once you DO find a place that works for you, it'll require a mountain of paperwork you basically need to produce on the spot.

    5. Moving will result in more boxes than you've ever imagined.

    6. You have to take measurements of absolutely everything.

    7. There are infinite ways to screw up Ikea construction.

    8. And there is no better way to destroy a perfectly good relationship.

    9. You actually have to buy boring things like toilet paper and paper towels.

    10. And there are a lot of items you don't realize you need until you don't have them.

    11. When you go to the grocery store*, you have to spend basically all your money on grown-up food.

    12. And even though you can stock up on some kinds of food, others will go bad long before you ever use them.

    13. Installing an air conditioner is tough. Paying someone a week's salary to install one for you is tougher.

    14. If your heating or stove runs on oil, set that ish up ASAP.

    15. At some point, you will see a mouse, and it will not be cute and friendly like pop culture would have you believe.

    16. Your lease might require you to put rugs down.

    Especially if your place is above somebody else's — carpeting helps muffle noise.

    17. You'll have to find chairs that match the table your roommate's* parents let them haul out of the basement.

    18. Speaking of living with other people: Once you've pooled your worldly possessions, chances are you will wind up with 64 forks and zero butter knives.

    19. A shared fridge can get insanely crowded before you know it.

    20. Unless, of course, it goes to the other extreme.

    21. The same is true of your shower: it will either be overflowing or contain one sad, almost-empty bottle of Dr. Bronner's.

    22. You are fully capable of handling minor household disasters.

    23. (Even if some of your solutions are a little less than ideal.)

    24. You'll be sooooo proud of how well you cleaned, and then hours later it's back to exactly how it was before.

    25. There really is nothing like coming home to a place that is, in whatever small way, yours.

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