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January 15, 2014

A Definitive Ranking Of All 50 Original Jelly Belly Flavours

The original 50 flavours from best to worst. All opinions are my own. And they are correct. Inspired by this post.

46 fotos provando que, onde quer que estejam no mundo, crianças são sempre crianças

O fotógrafo Gabriele Galimberti reuniu crianças de todos os cantos do globo para mostrar que, não importa quem você é ou de onde você vem, todas as crianças adoram brincar.

The 11 Worst Things Tech Interns Have Messed Up

Former interns at tech companies fess up on Quora about the disasters they caused Apparently, interns love accidentally unplugging things.

Two Fans Quest To Find Every Location From Every Fandom

Two finnish girls living in the UK are on a quest to seek out the locations from all their favorite TV shows and movies. They're off to a pretty solid start.

These Awesome Posters Show A Darker Ending To Harry Potter

An imgur thread shows us a pretty accurate depiction of what would happen to our favorite Hogwarts alumni if Voldemort didn't die. They all look pretty badass, if you ask me.

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