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26 Food Swaps To Make You Healthier

Follow these rules all the way to Sexy Beach Bod town. (via Cooking Light)

1. Instead of a bagel, use an English muffin.

2. Instead of low-fat milk, use Greek yogurt.

3. Instead of OJ, eat an orange.

4. Instead of bread use a wrap.

5. Instead of crackers, sub in apple slices.

6. Instead of a flour tortilla, use a corn tortilla.

7. Instead of mixed nuts, eat trail mix.

8. Instead of milk chocolate, eat dark chocolate.

9. Instead of ultralight, drink local craft beer.

10. Instead of corn chips, use radishes as a crunchy chili topper.

11. Instead of a vanilla Frappuccino, order an iced vanilla latte.

12. Instead of a bran muffin, have a bowl of Raisin Bran.

13. Instead of ham + cheddar, fill your omelet with veggies and goat cheese.

14. Instead of a premade parfait, make your own at home.

15. Instead of a cinnamon roll, toast two slices of raisin bread.

16. Instead of butter and syrup, top pancakes with pecans and yogurt.

17. Instead of a Bloody Mary, drink a Mimosa.

18. Instead of a lox and schmear bagel, cut carbs with pumpernickel.

19. Instead of high-cal toppings, top oats with apples and honey.

20. Instead of sausage patties, fry up some center-cut bacon.

21. Instead of traditional trail mix, snack on a whole grain variety.

22. Instead of full-fat ice cream, have an ice cream sandwich.

23. Instead of eating chocolate almonds, spread Nutella on a Graham cracker and top with nuts.

24. Instead of a lemon-lime soda, stir up a lemon sparkler.

25. Instead of cheese in a cracker, spread it on flatbread.

26. Instead of peanuts, have edamame for a protein-filled snack.