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    15 Wonderful Ways To Improve Your Closet

    Get more room, stay super organized, and make it pretty.

    1. Use old CD racks for shoe storage.

    2. Try this hack to get rid of clothes just wasting space.

    3. Try storing tanks on a multi-armed rack.

    4. Store your shoes toe-to-heel to squeeze in extra space.

    5. Create a workspace in your wardrobe!

    6. Another nifty shoe storage idea: Hang heels off of moldings. (Frees up shelf and floor space.)

    7. If you're frequently frazzled because you iron your shirts last minute, this genius ironing board drawer will help you out.

    8. If you're going to use storage bins, go for clear ones so you're not rummaging through several to find what you need.

    9. Build a walk-in closet IN YOUR BEDROOM.

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    10. Shelf space is great but not when it becomes a jumble of sweaters. Dividers keep things in their right place.

    11. Make the most of dead space with mini storage bins and hooks.

    12. Divide your vertical hanging space according to the length of the items. This way you can double up on hanging rods.

    13. If you have this type of shelving, a few hooks creates a hanging space for accessories.

    14. If you're lucky enough to have a walk-in closet and are putting in a shelving system, try making a pretty vanity in it.

    15. And if, by some miracle, you have an under-utilized closet, empty it out and turn it into a reading nook.