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30 Reasons "Now And Then" Was A Defining Childhood Movie For Girls

All for one and one for all.

1. It made you laugh, cry, and scream. So many emotions.

2. It also taught you some things about sex.

3. This movie made you want to play red rover and buy a tree house.

So this is what kids did without iPhones...

4. It also made you want to dance while riding your bike.

5. The soundtrack was amazing, and you still associate the songs with scenes from the movie.

6. Teeny's boob life hack was pure genius and it gave tween girls everywhere an alternative to socks.

7. And ladies who graduated from the training-bra phase a little too early sympathized with Roberta.

8. As much as the foursome feared Crazy Pete, you kind of felt bad for him.

9. And when he saved Sam from drowning, you ugly cried way too hard.

10. As funny and lighthearted as parts of Now and Then were, the whole séance thing scared the crap out of you.

11. When Teeny did the Cosmo quiz with the girls, you definitely played along to see what your results were.

12. And you and your friends picked which character you related to most.

13. You hoped to god you weren't Chrissy because she had the worst luck.

14. But she ended up marrying the town geek and it was actually adorable.

15. This scene was hard to watch and probably still sends chills down your spine.

16. And even though Roberta was dealing with grief in her own way, you thought she deserved that punch for playing such a horrible prank.

17. You 100% had a crush on the hippie soldier, aka Brendan Fraser.


19. Because Devon Sawa was the ultimate heartthrob of the '90s.

20. Sam's parents were going through a divorce and you felt bad about her situation.

21. But then Teeny gave her a friendship bracelet and it filled your heart with joy.

22. Chrissy's reaction to seeing a penis for the first time was priceless.

23. And Teeny's expertise was wonderful as usual.

24. When the girls took revenge on the Wormers, it was such a prideful moment.

25. And seeing them run naked down the street to retrieve their underwear was epic.

26. You lived for Roberta's right hook after this douchebag said girls can't play softball.

27. And when he provoked her even further, you were about to hit your TV with rage.

28. Until Sam saved the day and this kid screamed.

29. This was the most emotional scene in the movie and you just wanted to hug Roberta.

30. But then all the girls comforted her and made a pact to always stick together, showing what true friendship looks like.

All for one and one for all!