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September 6, 2011

Cloo': An App That Lets You Rent Out Your Bathroom One Emergency At A Time

You know when you absolutely need a bathroom, but there isn't a public one to be found? Well that problem is headed the way of the dodo thanks to Cloo', an app that allows people to make their private restrooms available to the public for a small fee. It would use your Facebook contacts to connect you to friends of friends who have made their toilets available. Great idea? Or just weird?

Eddie Murphy Is Indeed Hosting The Oscars

Recently confirmed by next year's Oscars producer, Brett Ratner, and Murphy himself. Can't be worse than Franco. Let's celebrate by looking at photos of a terrifying promotional stunt for "Meet Dave."

This Doctor Who/Scott Pilgrim T-Shirt Has To Happen

This awesome piece was designed by DeviantArt user Bogswallop to be put on a t-shirt. The problem is, they're not selling them yet. If you want them to, you have to go vote for the design over at Qwertee. I for one want one.

Fire Blazes Inside Water

Geysers are Nature's hadouken. Taken by Tatyana Kildisheva, this shot manages to capture the exact second before the Strokkur geyser on Iceland erupts, showing off the fire inside that causes water to spew up to 131 feet in the air every four to eight minutes.

The King's Rap

Beatboxer Kila Kela and freestyler Stig created a pretty awesome rap as a "tribute" for the recent Royal Wedding. Directed by Josh Cole and featuring lots of British slang and sassy one-liners, this is great. And best of all, it's got an Anne Boleyn reference.

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