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Walking Down Empire Avenue

My friend Alan from the social media stock market Empire Avenue has recently published an eBook introduction to the game. He kindly agreed to write up an introduction to Empire Avenue for Buzzfeed readers which I've published below (modified slightly and with pictures).

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  • Have you been walking down Empire Avenue yet?

    Have you been walking down Empire Avenue yet?

    Empire Avenue is a popular web site that is part stock market game, part social network and all about meeting and connecting with some really great people. If you are a web publisher and interested in using social networking to drive traffic to your content, you might want to check it out. The sign up process is short and easy, after which you will connect your Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Flickr, YouTube, Instagram and Foursquare accounts as well as up to 5 blog feeds. ETA: Empire Avenue just added blogs as their own network, which could definitely be a game changer!

  • Waiting for your scores

    Waiting for your scores

    After your social media accounts have been connected to Empire Avenue for about a week,
    Empire Avenue will begin assigning you scores-- which display at the upper right of your Empire Avenue profile. These scores give you a quick snapshot of your effectiveness on each of your social networks.

  • Join Communities, meet great people

    Join Communities, meet great people

    Empire Avenue also features several hundred communities. Organized around a wide range of locations, interests and most anything any members choose to create a community about, these active message boards are a great way to
    meet and interact with other sharp social media enthusiasts. While I have been online for more than two decades now, I've been genuinely amazed at how many great new people Empire Avenue has enabled me to meet and connect with.

  • Follow the leaders

    Follow the leaders

    Keep tabs on how well your friends, competitors and social media "influencers" are doing on their individual network scores or on Empire Avenue as a whole with the leaderboards. More than half of the most influential small business people on Twitter (as determined by Dun & Bradstreet) have Empire Avenue accounts - most of them also have the highest Klout scores on that list. If you are using social media to drive traffic to your content, why not try Empire Avenue now? Sign up using Alan's referal link and you'll get 2,000 eaves (the virtual game currency) free from him.