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Will Go AI Eclipse Top Human Gamer This Week?

Having beaten Europe's top Go professional in October, Deepmind's AlphaGo computer program is now set to face the world's top Go professional this week in a five game match for $1 million stakes. Will the solar eclipse hours before the match starts affect the outcome?

tomc6 • 3 years ago

Can Aquaponics Help With The California Drought?

California has a major water shortage problem according to NASA satellite data. If you like to eat food, you have a major water shortage problem too, according to Mother Jones magazine.

tomc6 • 4 years ago

Ten Jimi Hendrix Songs You've Probably Never Heard

Here are seven of my favorite Hendrix songs which didn't make it onto well known compilations and three awesome rarities I found this week. Happy 72nd birthday, Jimi (London time).

tomc6 • 4 years ago

Peter Hollens Won't Give Up

He's an amazingly talented a capella singer, so there's no reason why he should even consider giving up until well after he's become a household name. But, don't take my word for it, check out his Youtube channel if you don't believe me.

tomc6 • 7 years ago

If Spock Had A Farm - Spockwaponics

Captain, I must confess I find it highly illogical yet at the same time fascinating that the majority of humanity had failed to encounter your English term aquaponics until the year 2012 AD. The popular news magazine Time had named Will Allen one of its top 100 people 2 years prior to that time, yet made no mention of the technique he was using to grow 1 million pounds of food a year on three acres of land.

tomc6 • 7 years ago

Music Made America Strong - Rick Perry Parody

Peter Hollens pledges to end Clear Channel's war on good music and to "fight against commercial promotion of auto-tuned robotic voices". I approve of this message.

tomc6 • 7 years ago

Walking Down Empire Avenue

My friend Alan from the social media stock market Empire Avenue has recently published an eBook introduction to the game. He kindly agreed to write up an introduction to Empire Avenue for Buzzfeed readers which I've published below (modified slightly and with pictures).

tomc6 • 7 years ago

Steampunk Octopus Sighting At Burning Man

Granted, it wasn't "leagues under the sea", but we're fairly sure Captain Nemo would have taken an interest in this particular octopus nonetheless. Click here to see what else you missed at this year's Burning Man Festival.

tomc6 • 7 years ago

World Record Water Balloon Fight

The Christian Student Fellowship recently exploded the world record for the largest water balloon fight (for the third time) with nearly 9,000 participants tossing over 175,000 water balloons on the University of Kentucky's Johnson Center Field.

tomc6 • 7 years ago

Snake Bite

While some people ride snakes, others try to smuggle them onto airplanes, and still others apparently bite them (at least when drunk). I've heard snake meat tastes like chicken, but raw?! "The suspect, David Senk, 54, was arrested on suspicion of unlawfully maiming or mutilating a reptile, Sacramento police said. The badly injured snake underwent surgery."

tomc6 • 7 years ago

Moon Hits Eye Like Big Pizza Pie? That's Domino's

Yes, Domino's Pizza plans to build the first pizza restaurant on the moon (and they'll deliver). Noids in spaaaace! Just contemplate how much could go wrong in this scenario for a second or two... but, boy that dough will sure have hang time! The estimated cost for the project - $21 billion; it'll be the least profitable restaurant in the franchise for centuries (unless they plan to charge customers the moon, of course).

tomc6 • 7 years ago

Invisible Airbag Bike Helmet Wins Design Award

The Hovding "invisible" bicycle helmet (it's actually an airbag helmet which deploys based on accelerometer readings) has won the Index: Award design prize for the Play category. Because, let's face it, we ALL want to look like these hipster Swedes when we go out for a bike ride amIright? The helmets will set you back $450, (plastic surgery and wardrobe NOT included).

tomc6 • 7 years ago

How To Get The Most Out Of BuzzFeed

I wrote up a quick intro to BuzzFeed for some of my social media friends who are wanting to get started here, but I'm a bit rusty these days, so would love it if some BuzzFeed pros could chime in.

tomc6 • 7 years ago

Tumblr Nostalgia Fail: This Kid Has No Concept Of The '90s

This is the most perspective-lacking Tumblr post I've ever seen that doesn't involve politics. But it makes the late '90s sound awesome. Way more awesome than they were. But awesome.

Jack Moore • 7 years ago

Bacon Double Cheezburger?

Happy Caturday, but we're pretty sure this isn't how they're actually made.

michaelqtodd • 8 years ago

PeerIndex Social Media 1337

I've curated a group on PeerIndex featuring all the top Social Media scorers I could find. I'm still adding names to it, so don't worry if you aren't on it yet! Anyway, when I took this screenshot it had 1337 views today. Coincidence? ! 7 |-| ! |\| |< |\| 0 7

tomc6 • 8 years ago

Chris Pirillo - Why You Should Join Empire Avenue

Will Chris Pirillo from Lockergnome be able to break the record to 100 eaves per share on the social media stock market game Empire Avenue? The current record set earlier this week by AT&T - 5 days. Chris is currently trading at 86 per share on his third day in the game. Attn: Jon Steinberg are you listening?

tomc6 • 8 years ago

The Greatest Sci Fi, Fantasy and Horror Dogs!

Man's Best Friend and sometimes Worst Enemy, here is the list of The Greatest Sci Fi, Fantasy and Horror Dogs! Feel free to add your own favorites to the bottom!

pealmoggs • 8 years ago

Clever Anarchist Graffiti

He raises a good point. Is it meta-anarchy or irony-anarchy?

Cates Holderness • 8 years ago

50 Tumblr Dashboard Coincidences

Every now and then two completely different Tumblr posts come together to form something truly special: a Tumblr coincidence. It's the closest thing you'll find to a miracle on Tumblr. Enjoy.

Matt Stopera • 8 years ago