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What Songs Should Be On Everyone's Ultimate Long-Haul Flight Playlist?

Sitting, waiting, wishing.

So you're leaving on a jet plane and you don't know who you'll be seated next to, how many babies will be crying through the night, or if you can even make it out alive, germs free.

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But with music being the cure to many things, it sure comes in handy during those long and painful hours trapped in a tube.

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So you put on "Best Day Of My Life" by the American Authors to get pumped for your trip.

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Or the "Simple Song" by The Shins to get you going.

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"It's Time" by Imagine Dragons will remind you why you packed your bags in the first place.

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While Jon Bon Jovi will keep you company when you're halfway there.

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"Living On A Prayer" (by Bon Jovi)

And just as you hover over your destination city, Jose Gonzalez will treat your ears to the glorious melody of "Step Out."

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Now, we have the rest of those seven (or so) hours to fill up. So in the comments, share with us the songs you think should be on our playlist too!

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