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September 8, 2011

A Remote Control That Automatically Silences Snooki

It's innovation like this that gives me hope for the future of our species. Video producer and super genius Matt Richardson hacked a remote control so that it can scan closed captioning for certain keywords and mute the TV for 30 seconds. He used it specifically to tune out celebrities he was sick of hearing about (Snooki, Donald Trump, Charlie Sheen, etc.). Here's his how to video.

Kitten Watches Kitten Watching Nyan Cat

Nyanception. Now that someone got a video of their kitten watching Nyan Cat, the cycle has been completed with a photo of a kitten watching a kitten watching Nyan Cat. Carry on.

Kermit The Frog Adidas Are The Best Shoes You'll See Today

Forget the McFly Nikes. Okay don't. Those are awesome too. But these Adidas Superstar II are green suede and have Kermit's lily pad collar. I believe this is when the kids would say, "SWAG." Right? Did I use that right?

Spider-Cat Returns

It's been some time since we met Charlie the Spider-Cat, but it seems that he has an heir-apparent. And this Spider-Cat's skills at catching "villains" seem even more advanced.

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