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    The 20 Grossest Things Found In Hot Dogs

    Damn. And I really liked hot dogs. Good thing there wasn't a recent holiday where I gorged myself on them... If there was I'm sure I'd be feeling pretty sick right about now. These are compiled from USDA complaints which can be found here.

    1. Glass

    2. Worms

    3. Maggots

    4. Bone Fragments

    5. Hard Plastic

    6. Piece Of An Eyeball

    7. Small Piece Of Metal

    8. Rat Leg

    9. A Whole Band-Aid

    10. "A Winged Insect Resembling A Dragonfly"

    11. A Soda Can Pull Tab

    12. "Someone Has Ejaculated In These Hot Dogs"

    13. Metal Shavings

    14. Mouse Droppings

    15. Razor Blade

    16. A Slug

    17. A Piece Of A Rubber Glove

    18. A Piece Of Rope

    19. A Wood Sliver

    20. A "Lockwasher"