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March 19, 2018

23 Jokes About Smoking Weed That Will Probably Make You Laugh Out Loud

"Idk man, I'm not really feeling this edible." Two hours later...

Which Wizarding School In Harry Potter Would You Get Into?

Are you Beauxbatons-bound or heading to Hogwarts?

The Koch Brothers Are Siding With Democrats In The Latest DACA Fight

“We have long said that Congress and the White House should come together on a bipartisan agreement to provide the certainty of permanent statutory relief for the Dreamers in exchange for enhanced security for our nation."

The Clothes You Pick Will Reveal Which Ex-Disney Star You're Most Like

Hi! My name is Miley and you're watching Disney Channel!

Facebook's Security Chief Is Reportedly Leaving Over How The Company Handles Misinformation

Alex Stamos is reportedly leaving the company over disagreements about how the company has responded to Russian activity on its platform.

Sorry, But Only Parents Of Young Kids Are Passing This Quiz

"Zooming through the sky, Little Einsteins."

18 Readers Share What They've Personally Learned From Feminism

"To love myself more and to love and accept other women as they are."

Netflix's "On My Block" Brings Young People Of Color Into The Limelight — Finally, Cast Says

“I hope young people of our ethnicity can feel comfortable that there are people on TV representing them,” Brett Gray told BuzzFeed News. (Warning: spoilers!)

16 Sad Truths About Having Big Boobs

"My cleavage is basically a portal to another plane of existence."

24 Mascaras That'll Totally Transform Your Lashes

These mascaras will give you showstopping lashes in a blink of an eye.

Trump Said He Wants To Spend Money On “Great Commercials” To Scare Kids Off Drugs. But Ads Haven’t Worked In The Past.

“In general there hasn’t been much evidence for the effectiveness of trying to scare the pants off kids,” one expert said.

Sorry Movie Buffs, Only TV Nerds Are Passing This Quiz

It's time to test your TV knowledge!

Republicans Have A Plan To Lower Health Care Costs, But It Would Also Limit Abortion Coverage

Hopes of a last-minute deal to lower Obamacare premiums are dimming, as talks between Republicans and Democrats have broken down over abortion coverage restrictions.

You Should Really Look At Your Facebook Third-Party App Settings Right Now

You may be unwittingly handing over lots of personal information to outside companies through Facebook. Here’s how to see what you’re giving up and how to change your settings.

The Iconic Second Keyboard Cat Has Died And People Are Distraught 😿

Bento was 9 years old. His owner said, "He had a groove."

The Governor Of Mississippi Just Signed The Most Restrictive Abortion Law In The Country

The law bans abortion after 15 weeks of pregnancy, and is likely to very quickly be challenged in court.

Trump Is Hiring A Lawyer Who Accused The FBI And The Justice Department Of Trying To Frame Trump

Joseph diGenova, a former US attorney in Washington, DC, will be joining the president's outside legal team, according to one of Trump's current lawyers.

24 Short, Stupid, But Hilariously Funny Jokes

You're going to laugh, even if you don't want to.

The Supreme Court Won't Stop A New Pennsylvania Congressional Map Favored By Democrats From Going Into Effect This Year

Pennsylvania Republicans had tried to stop the Pennsylvania Supreme Court's ruling redrawing the state's congressional map from going into effect. On Monday, a trial court and the US Supreme Court rejected their requests.

Imagina estar de boa na praia e dar de cara com esses bichões

Quem teve a ideia de fazer essas estátuas que saem do meio do mar?

23 Things You Can Get At Overstock That People Actually Swear By

A foot peel, memory foam mattress, a pair of boots with a built-in wallet, and a bunch of other highly-rated random things that people have been raving about on Overstock!

A Homosexual Ranks The 17 Best Fifth Harmony Songs

This list is 100% accurate because I'm gay.

8 mulheres incríveis da política que merecem ser celebradas em vida

A luta de Marielle é compartilhada por elas — e continua.

Pais questionam Sesi por adotar livro de histórias africanas e geram debate sobre racismo

Escola disse que não vai retirar o livro da bibliografia dos estudantes e propôs uma reunião de esclarecimento com os pais dos alunos.

Macy's Wants To Turn Hundreds Of Its Own Workers Into Fashion Influencers

Macy's is looking for influencers in its own ranks.

Cynthia Nixon Is Running For Governor Of New York

The award-winning actor will go head-to-head with Gov. Andrew Cuomo in September.

26 Life-Changing Realizations That Happen When You Eat Silog Meals

Silog is not just food. It's a lifestyle.

Qual carta do tarô corresponde à sua personalidade?

Este teste pode revelar aspectos profundos da sua alma.

Create A Makeup Look And We'll Tell You What Job Matches Your Personality

You never know what opportunities will come with a flawless face!

Se você acha ovo de páscoa caro, esse casal tem algumas sugestões

Ovo de páscoa ou 3kg de carne e pão de alho?

Cambridge Analytica's CEO Was Filmed Secretly Bragging About Entrapping Politicians With Sex Workers

Alexander Nix told an undercover reporter from Britain's Channel 4 News how the firm, which worked on the Trump campaign, used front companies to secretly campaign in elections around the world.

Trump Fans Are Pissed At Jim Carrey For His Interesting Portraits Of The President And His Team


36 Tiny But Fucking Annoying Things Many Women Have To Deal With

Wearing a jumpsuit and having to get butt-ass naked just to pee.

17 Filipino Summer Food To Cool You Off From The Heat

Mais con yelo, saba con yelo, EVERYTHING CON YELO!!!

Here's What Songs Were #1 On 34 Of The Most Important Days Of The Last 29 Years

The Chainsmokers were #1 when Trump was elected. THINK ABOUT IT.

Anitta finalmente falou sobre o caso Marielle, mas resolveu apagar o texto

A postagem no Instagram dizendo que "ninguém merece morrer" foi considerada genérica e, em menos de uma hora, o texto foi apagado.

Jameela Jamil Made A Body Positive Instagram Account, And It's Kind Of Incredible

This would definitely help Tahani stay in the Good Place.

Dante Alighieri, escola de elite em SP, não aceita repetentes — e isso é ilegal, segundo especialistas

Muitos colégios de prestígio negam a entrada de repetentes, mas atribuem a negativa à falta de vagas. Já o Dante admite a prática, com base "no nível de exigência da escola".

29 Actors You Had No Idea Are Also Rockstars

From the big screen to center stage.

“Nobody Told Us How Much Water Was Going To Come Through.”

These First Nations are still picking up the pieces after a government decision flooded their homes.

De 0 a 100, quão intensamente você já viveu?

Prepare-se pra refletir sobre a sua vida inteira.

An Irish Chef Reviews "Irish" Food

"Even though Lucky Charms are the most American version of Irish food... I'm not opposed."

How Facebook Groups Are Being Exploited To Spread Misinformation, Plan Harassment, And Radicalize People

Mark Zuckerberg wants to get a billion people in “meaningful” Facebook groups. But to get there he’ll have to battle the spammers, hackers, and trolls who exploit and hijack groups to make money or sow chaos.

Death Penalty Opponents See Some Good News In The Supreme Court's Decision Not To Hear A Case

Four justices made clear their view that the death penalty — at least as it exists in Arizona — merits further review.

Create A Fake University And We'll Give It A Really Weird Mascot

Anything is better than the Stanford Trees.

Lin-Manuel Miranda And Ben Platt Released A New Single To Benefit March For Our Lives

The single, "Found/Tonight," is a mash-up of two songs from the musicals Hamilton and Dear Evan Hansen.

Die AfD-Politiker sind der rassistischen Gruppe „Unser Deutschland patriotisch & frei” aktiv beigetreten, sagt der Administrator

BuzzFeed News hat mit dem Gründer und Administrator der Gruppe gesprochen. Er ist selbst AfD-Mitglied.

21 Annoying Movie Clichés That Never Fail To Piss People Off

Why does nobody eat the food they order at restaurants?

RIP Your Youth: Claire’s Is Filing For Bankruptcy

OK, don’t freak out. The stores aren’t all closing, but the chain is in trouble.

ITV Has Pulled This Week's Episode Of "Saturday Night Takeaway"

Ant McPartlin will not appear for the rest of the series, ITV confirmed to BuzzFeed News.

Time's Up Calls For An Investigation Into Manhattan DA's Handling Of Harvey Weinstein Assault Case

Time's Up sent a letter to the governor of New York asking for a complete review of the district attorney's investigation.

17 cabelos que provam que curtinhos e cacheados combinam sim!

Esses cortes são o caminho, a verdade e a vida.

This Girl Dyed Her Hair To Match Her Parrot And I'm Kind Of Obsessed With It

They do say pet owners start to look like their pets.

18 coisas que você deveria fazer com a sua mina o quanto antes

Existe romantismo em vários lugares que você nem imagina.

An Autonomous Uber Vehicle Struck And Killed A Woman In Arizona

Police in Tempe, Arizona, are investigating a fatal crash in which a woman was struck and killed by a self-driving Uber vehicle.

21 Stunning Tattoos That'll Make You Want To Run Out And Get Inked Today

I never thought I'd want a tattoo of a watermelon, but here I am.

Tienes que ver el canal de YouTube de este animador de Santiago

Rajoy, Puigdemont, Bola de Dragón, Chicote y Charizard. ¿Qué más quieres?

These Are My Favorite New Food Products Launching This Year

I went to Expo West, the largest health and wellness trade show in the world, and I got SO MANY SAMPLES.

People Think Jeremy Corbyn’s Hat Was Photoshopped To Look Russian, So We Tried It Out

BBC Newsnight has denied an image of Corbyn was deliberately made to look Russian.

How Many Of These Weird And Wonderful '90s Cereals Have You Eaten?

The '90s was many things to many people, but primarily it was a cornucopia of weird, absurd, and fabulous breakfast cereals. How many of these forgotten classics have you tried?

A Teen Is Being Called "Petty" For Throwing A Promise Ring And Necklace From Her Ex Into The Sewer

Janiah felt instantly "relieved" and "better" after dramatically discarding something that was once so meaningful.

All The Best Deals On Amazon Today

Deals on a portable steam iron, aromatherapy essential oil diffuser, silicone kitchen utensil set, printed comforter set, and more!

31 Stores That Are Having Great Sales This Week

Deals at Wayfair, Boohoo, Target, and more!

Le hashtag #2012vs2018 va vous permettre de réaliser tout le chemin parcouru en seulement 6 ans

Nous n'avons pas seulement survécu à l'apocalypse et à PSY.

27 Amazing Products With Over 1,000 Reviews On Amazon

A cat tunnel, waterproof wireless headphones, a mini green house, and 24 other products on Amazon that hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of people absolutely *adore*.

13 cosas que los adolescentes están hartos de escuchar en casa

Algunas cosas no cambian, por lo visto.

8 plantes à privilégier si vous n’avez pas la main verte

N'oubliez pas d'enregistrer ce post pour les prochaines fois où vous irez chez le fleuriste.

Choose Between These Marvel Characters And We'll Tell You What Your Major Should Be

"How many PhDs does Hulk have? Zero. How many PhD's does Banner have? Seven."

Estamos tentando entender o DRAMA do Luan Santana

"Logo eu, que sempre acertei em cheio em todos os penteados que tive".

The EU Has Set Its Sights On A Data Protection Investigation Into Cambridge Analytica And Facebook

An official investigation into the two companies could result in heavy fines.

38 usos práticos para lágrimas de macho

Um dos recursos mais versáteis do mundo.

Atores do "Choque de Cultura" discutiram preconceito e transfobia com o "Pânico"

"Eu acho muito merda usar de humor pra perpetuar preconceito, sacou?"

15 Reasons Why Parents Don't Get Enough Credit, Ever

We deserve a million dollars, every day.

Quelle œuvre majeure de l'histoire de l'art êtes-vous ?

Votre place est-elle au Louvre... ou ailleurs ?

Which Female TV Character Has Inspired You The Most?

"Once you tell your story, it can be empowering." —Olivia Benson, Law & Order: SVU

9 Small But Meaningful Changes You Should Try Immediately

One small change, one big difference.

Se seu(a) parceiro(a) faz a maioria dessas coisas, talvez seja hora de terminar

Ele(a) te culpa por todas as brigas? Cancela planos com você o tempo todo? Não quer te apresentar a sua família e seus amigos?

Mise en scène trash, humiliations : enquête dans les coulisses de l’émission de Karine Le Marchand sur l’obésité

Dans l’émission de Potiche Prod sur la «Renaissance» des obèses, la chirurgie esthétique est obligatoire et on agite de la fausse peau sous le nez des patients qui viennent de se faire opérer. La présentatrice, elle, se se défend en expliquant que le projet a «largement évolué».

The Fourth Explosion In Austin Has Left Officials Concerned About A Skilled “Serial Bomber”

The Austin police chief said that the fourth explosion was likely triggered by a trip wire, raising concerns about the suspect or suspects' "level of skill."

Tous les parents avec de jeunes enfants devraient connaître ces 19 trucs

Comment gérer les ateliers peinture, les sinus bouchés et les poussettes pleines de boue comme un-e pro.

Tell Us Your Funny Breakup Stories

The funny side of heartbreak.

A homenagem da Katy Perry para Marielle gerou críticas à Anitta

Os fãs compararam o posicionamento das duas cantoras diante do crime brutal contra a vereadora Marielle Franco.

Fifth Harmony Just Announced They're Going On Hiatus

Spare a thought for your local Harmonizers today.

15 Of The Best Places To Buy Plus-Size Jeans

Find the best plus-size jeans for your body, style, and wallet at Lane Bryant, Target, Universal Standard, and 12 more fabulous, size-inclusive retailers — because a classic knows no size.

Um acrobata do Cirque du Soleil morreu após cair durante um show

O francês Yann Arnaud, que trabalhava para a empresa há 15 anos, sofreu um acidente em Tampa (Flórida), nos Estados Unidos. As circunstâncias estão sendo investigadas.

A Man Has Been Charged With Attempted Murder After A Car Was Driven Into A Nightclub

Mohammed Abdul is accused of driving his car into Blake's nightclub in Gravesend, Kent, on Saturday night.

23 Common Kinds Of Sleep Trouble

You sleep for a third of your life, so why is it so HARD??

Warum BuzzFeed Deutschland bei §219a jetzt nur noch von einem Informationsverbot spricht

Kommentar: Gesundheitsminister Jens Spahn vergiftet die sachliche Diskussion um Schwangerschaftsabbrüche.

Cook For A Day And Find Out Which Twentieth Century Novel You Should Read

Foods and books, the best things in the world.



40 Adorable Things For Your Desk That'll Make Mondays So Much Easier

Mondays are way better with 1. lasagna and 2. cute stuff for your desk.



27 des meilleurs retournements de situation au cinéma

Oui, Le Sixième Sens en fait partie.

Morning Update: So It's Been A Hella Eventful Weekend In DC 👀

Trump takes aim at Mueller, UK-Russia tensions, Facebook under fire

23 besondere Fähigkeiten, die sich Leute mit Perioden über die Jahre angeeignet haben

In der Lage sein, einen trockenen Tampon herauszuziehen.

21 documentaires féministes que tout le monde devrait voir

Sur la culture du viol, des héroïnes féministes de la vraie vie ou encore le sexisme de la pop culture.

Eine 20-Jährige hat sich selbst die Augen ausgestochen. Hier die Gründe, warum Leute das tun.

Letzten Monat hat Kaylee Muthart sich selbst geblendet. Wir haben mit einem Experten über die Geschichte des Augenausstechens gesprochen und warum das passiert.

むしろ使ってみたい ジムキャリーの傑作な顔芸51


18 gemütliche und wunderschöne Betten, in die du sofort hineinkriechen möchtest

Mein Wunsch, hauptberuflich Betten-Testerin zu werden, war noch nie so stark.

Diese Mütter haben sich beim Stillen am Strand fotografieren lassen und es gibt nichts Schöneres

Die tollen Fotos sind an einem Strand in Australien entstanden.

17 fiascos culinaires tellement catastrophiques qu'ils en sont géniaux

Ce gâteau en forme de licorne... c'est trop.

16 veces que Lady Gaga ha tenido un aspecto completamente normal

Porque no siempre puede ir con pinta de que se ha perdido mientras iba ensayar para el Circo del Sol.





非日常空間で映画鑑賞♪ ランタンの灯りで楽しむナイトピクニック

Tasty Japanのお料理やスイーツとともに、ムービーナイトを楽しんで!

「最終責任者は…」 集中審議、麻生大臣の発言に変化が


The Woman Shot By Police Outside A Hungry Jack's Might Have Been Schizophrenic, Court Hears

A coronial inquest is investigating the death of 22-year-old Courtney Topic in 2015.

I Found The Best Face Moisturizer Out There, And It's Only $15

Let's finally part ways with flaky, dry, and peeling skin — shall we?



Which "This Is Us" Flashback Character Are You?

Don't worry, we didn't forget Jack *sobs*

People Are Angry This Footballer With A History Of Violence Is Being Allowed To Play

Matthew Lodge returned to the field on International Women's Day.

Which Two Badass Female Superheroes Are You A Combination Of?

Will you get Wonder Woman? Supergirl? Shuri?

春のおもてなしに♪ いちごと抹茶のマーブルチーズケーキ




「それはいくらなんでも」 集中審議で、ある質問に太田理財局長がいらだちながら全力否定


Do Not Watch These Videos After 12:15 A.M.

Warning: Some images in this post are potentially disturbing. Continue at your own risk.

16 Gross Things That Only Best Friends Do

You aren't BFFs until you've exchanged toilet selfies!

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