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    Rihanna Once Chased Down Aaron Paul In A Parking Lot And Just OMG

    "My wife was so happy for me!"

    So, Breaking Bad just celebrated its 10 year anniversary, which is pretty unbelievable.


    And, over the years, many HUGE celebs have been very vocal regarding their love of the show, including celestial god fallen to Earth to save us all, Rihanna.

    My life has been completed!!! #Pinkman4President

    Well, when Paul dropped by The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, he finally revealed the story behind that particularly epic tweet:

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    First of all, Paul is apparently a magnet for meeting random celebs in parking garages.


    Anyway, after Drake revealed he was a massive fan, he also told Paul that he had introduced the show to Rihanna, who was even MORE hooked on the AMC drama.


    So at another event, later on, a strange SUV pulled up beside Paul, and he literally couldn't believe who ran towards him.


    Which started a mutual nerding-out love-fest between the two, because they are both massive fans of each other.


    *Indiana Jones voice* This photo belongs in a museum.

    But that interaction wasn't the end of it, as the two kept running into each other for years after the tweet, including one fateful night at a Super Bowl party where Paul was fully serenaded.


    And even Paul's wife was completely awe-struck by her husband's superstar fan.


    So there you have it. Everyone loves Breaking Bad, everyone loves Rihanna. These are just the facts, people.


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