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March 28, 2018

38 Shows That You (Probably) Didn't Know Were Streaming On Hulu

PSA: None of these are streaming on Netflix.

24 Times The "Love, Simon" Cast Were Completely Adorable IRL

Iconic friendships on and off screen.

Pick Nine Things And We'll Reveal If You're Barbie, Polly Pocket, Or Bratz

Which doll from your childhood best embodies your lifestyle?

21 Perfect Pieces Of Handwriting So Good You’ll Wish It Was Yours

I want to sign up for a calligraphy class, ASAP.

Trump Tweeted Pictures Claiming "The Start" Of His Border Wall, But It Was Actually An Old Project

The border wall he depicted is actually a replacement for an existing wall built in the '90s.

A Top Lawyer At The Justice Department Is Quitting To Fight For LGBT Rights

Diana Flynn has been chief of the Civil Rights Division Appellate Section since the Reagan administration. She planned to stay until retirement, no matter who was in power, but instead she’s about to join Lambda Legal, a leading LGBT legal organization where she likely will be in direct conflict with the Jeff Sessions Justice Department.

26 Unsolved Gay Mysteries That Keep Me Up At Night

*Calls Robert Stack from the grave*

These Women Suffering Complications From Mesh Implants Were Let Down By The Health System, Inquiry Says

The Senate inquiry has recommended the surgery be a "last resort" and that a helpline and counselling services be established.

Actor Tobias Menzies Will Be The New Prince Philip In "The Crown"

In wake of the pay controversy in the past iteration of the Netflix hit The Crown, Tobias Menzies has been cast as the new Prince Philip.

Two Women Found Out Their HomeAway Rentals Were Hosted By Registered Sex Offenders

HomeAway said it does not do background checks on its hosts.

Which '90s MTV "Real World" House Matches Your Personality?

It's time to stop being polite and start getting real.

Flash Briefing For March 29, 2018

A constitutional challenge to Trump’s business interests can move forward, Julian Assange got his Internet privileges revoked, and Grindr will remind you to get tested for HIV.

New York Threatens To Sue If The Trump Administration Moves Forward With “Religious Protections” For Medical Workers

Nineteen Democratic attorneys general also wrote a comment on the Trump administration’s proposed rule, saying it threatens health care access, particularly for LGBT and poor patients, and asked for it to be withdrawn.

21 Travel Products That'll Make Your Seat Mate Jealous

Including ear plugs that prevent your ears from popping/hurting/being in any sort of pain while flying. #bless

Supuestamente Mario Bautista fue deportado por posesión de marihuana

Reportes indican el cantante fue enviado de regreso a México desde Los Ángeles.

The NYPD Is Arguing, Once Again, That Punishments For Police Misconduct Must Remain Secret

For decades the outcomes of the NYPD’s disciplinary hearings for officers accused of misconduct were made public. But lawyers for the NYPD argued in court Wednesday that that was a mistake and state law forces them to keep the information secret.

This Mom Who Breastfed At Her Own Hockey Game Is Canada's New Hero

"You CAN continue doing the things you love. You CAN do them while breastfeeding. "

Após decisão da Justiça, Facebook promete apagar notícias falsas sobre Marielle

Em nota, a empresa disse que "respeita a Justiça brasileira e removerá os conteúdos específicos indicados nos autos".

Trump Just Pushed Out His Veterans Affairs Secretary

David Shulkin has been under intense criticism for weeks.

A caçada atrás do fake que usava fotos minhas em um aplicativo de sexo

Ele passa um endereço em Higienópolis e marcamos dali a 40 minutos. Em casa, a faxineira me aconselha: "Vai com a camiseta que você está na foto que ele usa de perfil. Imagina o quanto isso vai ser louco".

Tom Steyer Is Going To Hold Debates In Democratic Primaries Across The Country

The billionaire Democratic fundraiser says his goal is to help young voters decide who they should vote for in crowded races. That might involve endorsements.

21 Super Creepy Pictures From Inside An Abandoned Airport

The Nicosia International Airport was once a bustling tourist hub. Today, it stands in ruins.

This Is The Actual Anatomy Of A Golden Retriever

Do you know where the treat tank is located?

Are You More Audrey, Marilyn, Or Julie?

"Sometimes I'm so sweet even I can't stand it."

Facebook Must Decide Whether It Will Refurbish Its Facade Or Rebuild Its Service

Facebook chief product officer Chris Cox told BuzzFeed News, “We’re going through our tools and approach with a fine-toothed comb.”

人工衛星が捉えた「ピンク色の糞」─ 南極ペンギン150万羽発見


Todo mundo é a mistura de personagens do "Choque de Cultura" – quais são os seus?

Como diria Renan, você não pode ser bonito a vida inteira.

Flávio Rocha critica "BNDES do PT", mas recebeu R$ 1,3 bilhão do banco nos governos Lula e Dilma

"O BNDES do PT não diz respeito a um período de tempo, diz respeito a uma prática. O BNDES com o qual nós nos relacionamos é o mesmo de Roberto Campos, de FHC, de Michel Temer", disse ao BuzzFeed News o pré-candidato e dono da Riachuelo.

In Case You Can't Get Enough Of Them, Here Are 16 More Pics Of People Trying To Sell Mirrors

Who knew accidental mirror selfies would be such an international treasure trove?

Marche blanche à Paris : des militants de la LDJ chahutent Mélenchon et protègent le FN

Lors de la marche parisienne en hommage à Mireille Knoll, l'octogénaire juive tuée à Paris, des militants de la Ligue de défense juive ont protesté violemment contre la venue de Jean-Luc Mélenchon tandis que d'autres escortaient le Front national.

The White House Believes Police Shootings Of Black Men Is Not A National Issue

White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders also said the federal government should not weigh in on the deaths of Alton Sterling, Stephon Clark, or Eric Garner.

13 momentos cruciais que meninas lésbicas viveram antes de sair do armário

Tudo lindamente ilustrado pela série “Everything Sucks!”, que promoveu uma verdadeira viagem ao nosso próprio passado. CONTÉM SPOILERS.

Literally Just 650 Seriously Cool Ideas For Your Next Tattoo

Hundreds of tattoo ideas for your inking pleasure.

Você sobreviveria ao ano de 2008?

Mp3, DVDs, fila de banco, locadora. Não era fácil.

Trump's Pick To Lead CIA Actively Pushed To Have The "Torture Tapes" Destroyed

The current narrative is that Gina Haspel, Trump's pick to lead the CIA, was just following her boss's orders. The record suggests she pushed for their destruction.

The Best Cheesy Garlic Bread Ever

This is the best cheesy garlic bread ever!

Yulia Skripal Is No Longer In Critical Condition

Sergei Skripal and his daughter were found unconscious in the English city of Salisbury earlier this month.

Thousands Of Pet Owners Swear By This $19 Food-Storage Set

Whether you've got a dog, cat, or feathery friends to feed, this three-piece airtight storage combo will keep pests away and provide an easy way to organize and dispense pet food — you'll wonder how you ever lived without it, tbh.

The Best Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies

These are the best chewy chocolate chip cookies ever.

Este teste dirá qual palavrão mais combina com sua personalidade

Xingamentos que são únicos – assim como você.

Bacon Guacamole Chicken Bombs

Bacon Guacamole Chicken Bombs

27 Easter Recipes That Won't Stress You Out

Any holiday is an excuse to eat.

10 memes sobre São Paulo que todo mundo pode curtir numa boa

Manda pra Ju, pro Rô, pra Fê e pro Gui.

Es falsa la noticia de que Chabelo está grave de salud

Su representante asegura que sólo está de vacaciones en Acapulco.

18 Photos That Explain What It's Like To Be German

Orderliness doesn't even begin to cover it.

15 Increíbles inflables que tú y tus amigos necesitan en su próxima ida a la playa

La alberca, tú, un patito de hule del tamaño de un caballo. No sé, piénsalo.

What Are The Best Things To Eat In NYC If You're On A Budget?

How do you eat like a millionaire for cheap?

18 Women Who Honestly Sound Pretty Fucking Inspirational

"The best thing I heard today was a pregnant woman arguing with her partner and she said, 'I have two brains and you have one'."

White House Press Secretary Says "No Discussion Or Consideration" Of Pardons For Former Advisers

A New York Times story Wednesday reported that President Trump's former lawyer, John Dowd, "broached" the topic of pardoning Michael Flynn and Paul Manafort last year as Mueller's investigation closed in.

Sinto muito, mas só quem tem vagina pode ler este post

Até porque, quem não tem, não vai entender nada.

The "Roseanne" Revival's Shockingly High Ratings

They're making American TV ratings great again. Yuge!

A Mysterious Cluster of Amnesia Cases May Be Linked To Fentanyl

Five new cases of a mysterious amnesia syndrome have been linked to the potent opioid fentanyl.

Kacey Musgraves Is The Queer Fan’s Country Music Queen

Growing up queer in the Midwest, listening to country music felt like standing outside a party I wasn’t invited to — until I heard Kacey Musgraves.

38 Kitchen Products That Will Make Cooking So Much More Fun

A spoon shaped like a monstera leaf counts as a practical purchase right?

A Volleyball Player Says She Was Kicked Off Her University's Team For Posting Photos That Were "Too Sexy"

Shalom Ifeanyi has filed a lawsuit alleging she was discriminated against.

17 Películas en Netflix que son 10,000 veces más chistosas cuando estás pacheco

Nunca imaginaste que sería tan divertidas verlas fumado.

Which Of The "Friends" Characters Voted For Trump?

All the ’90s characters are doing it!

The First Case Of Infanticide Has Been Documented In Killer Whales, Scientists Say

Scientists think the mother orca helped her son kill the newborn in an effort to perpetuate his line of offspring.

27 Of The Most Savage Moments On Pinoy Twitter

"Lapitin talaga ako ng mga hayop, tignan mo malapit tayo sa isa't isa."

A Copa nem começou, mas o "Canarinho Pistola" já é a melhor parte dela

Esse post contém linguajar ofensivo e palavras de baixo calão. Graças ao mascote 100% full pistola.

This Woman Just Became The First Person To Go To Prison For Racism In South Africa

The woman, the first to be sentenced under South African laws criminalizing racist language, called two police officers “kaffirs,” a highly offensive term for black South Africans.

14 homens héteros muito confusos que foram parar em aplicativos gays

"Curto mulheres, não curto gays, mas curto ser penetrado por homens".

Victor Nascimento • 3 hours ago

12 Travel Destinations In Luzon That Won't Hurt Your Wallet

Need time away but don't have much time? Ito na ang sagot, mumsh!

Les photos émouvantes de la marche blanche en hommage à Mireille Knoll

Plusieurs marches étaient organisées à Paris et dans toute la France le 28 mars pour rendre hommage à l'octogénaire juive, survivante du Vel d'Hiv', tuée cinq jour plus tôt à son domicile.

16 Posts About Spring Cleaning That'll Make You Laugh Then Say, "I Should Probably Clean"

What do you mean stuffing all my clothes under my bed doesn't count as spring cleaning?

13 pessoas contam como perceberam que eram machistas

"Perguntaram porque eu achava que ela era uma puta e eu não soube responder."

Women Try Augmented Reality Makeup

"There's an eyelash on my finger"

6 Beauty Products You Might Want To Pack On Every Single Trip You Take

With so many awesome TSA-friendly products, there's no excuse for letting a few airplanes get in the way of messing up your beauty routine.

How Do You Make Your Cubicle Suck Less?

There have to be better ways to decorate this space, right?? You tell me!

24 Of The Best Hand Soaps You Can Get On Amazon

This list is here to help you get clean.

The Person Charged In The 2017 Quebec Mosque Massacre Just Switched His Plea To Guilty

Bissonnette is facing six life sentences in the 2017 shooting that killed six people and wounded 19 others.

10 dos maiores biscoiteiros de todos os tempos

Bom garoto! Você quer um biscoito?

The Cambridge Analytica Whistleblower Wanted His New Company To Work With Trump Campaign’s Manager

"We have developed a series of algorithms that can predict the personality traits of individual voters by analyzing their voterfile, social, online and consumer data.”

This Guy's Election Prank On His Brother Just Became A Huge Meme

Mohamed el-Sherif mocked up a fake sign to prank his brother during the Egyptian election — and then it all got pretty out of hand.

¿Puedes reconocer la Universidad mexicana por su mascota?

¿Sabes cuál tiene un lince y cuál un águila?

Você é o pior morador do seu prédio?

Se você acha que todos os seus vizinhos são ótimos, talvez o bagunceiro seja você.

The "Hot Felon" Is Expecting His First Child With The Billionaire Heiress Of Topshop

The two have been dating since at least the summer of 2017.

Julian Assange Just Got His Internet Privileges Revoked

No more will the WikiLeaks founder be able to tweet or send other messages from inside the Ecuadorian Embassy in London.

Women Are Freaking Out Over This Easy Hack To Make A Beautyblender Like New

But you gotta do it right, or you will burn yourself!

10 cartas de tarô que representam a menstruação

Nós sabemos bem o que significa o Dez de Espadas.

A Constitutional Challenge To Trump's Decision To Hold On To His Business Interests Can Move Forward

A federal judge said the attorneys general of Maryland and the District of Columbia had standing to pursue claims that Trump's interest in the Trump International Hotel in Washington violates the US Constitution.

Este quiz te dirá tu % de Hermione

Tu materia favorita y tu amor por los animales te dirán qué tanto se parecen.

Penn State Fraternity Members Were Once Again Cleared Of The Most Serious Charges In A Teen's Hazing Death

A judge doubled down on his decision last year to dismiss charges of involuntary manslaughter against Beta Theta Pi brothers for their role in Tim Piazza's death after an alcohol-fueled hazing ritual.

27 Ogrorosos memes que vas a amar si eres fan de 'Shrek'

Recuerda, si es azufre, tu nariz no sufre...

41 Controversial But Highly Accurate Opinions

These may be hard for a lot of people to accept, but they are all scientifically proven as objective and accurate.

23 Imágenes que te harán llorar si no saliste de vacaciones de Semana Santa

Si la escuela o el trabajo te van a impedir vacacionar, este post es para ti.

All The Female Senators Wrote A Letter Pushing For Action On Sexual Harassment Laws

"We urge you to bring before the full Senate legislation that would update and strengthen the procedures available to survivors of sexual harassment and discrimination in congressional workplaces."

Contesta 5 preguntas y te diremos si tu ex ya te superó

¿O será que sigue pensando en ti?

10 boas razões para não confiar em alguém

Confiança é uma coisa complicada de se conquistar e fácil de perder.

The Economist And Financial Times Both Hired Cambridge Analytica For US Expansion

An Economist spokesperson said the company did not know whether it benefited from misused Facebook data.

People Are Tweeting #IBelieveHer Following The Acquittal Of Two Rugby Players Accused Of Rape

Paddy Jackson and Stuart Olding were found not guilty of rape at Belfast crown court on Wednesday, while two of their friends were acquitted of other offences.

Diremos sua idade a partir de quantas coisas adultas você consegue fazer

Por acaso você sabe acender uma churrasqueira?

The Weird Habits Of These Famous Writers Will Surprise You

If you have writer's block, maybe try wearing a hat like Dr. Seuss!

14 Malos hábitos al hornear que deberías dejar de hacer YA

Además, te decimos cómo arreglarlos.

I Wanted To Love Paris, But It Didn’t Love Me

When I went to Paris for a semester abroad, I thought I would find the truer, best version of myself. But I didn't realize that you don't get to choose how you'll be seen.

Cosmopolitan Is Defending Itself After Walmart Banned The Magazine From Its Checkout Lines

"With our focus on empowerment, we are proud of all that the brand has achieved for women around the world."

20 Imágenes que puedes ESCUCHAR si tienes entre 24 y 34 años

Es raro como tu cerebro graba todo. TO-DO.

26 Things To Make Your Hair Look Like You Stepped Out Of A Damn Commercial

Hair masks, innovative hair tools, and more that'll make your hair look like you spend hours at the salon when you're actually doing less work.

The Newest SpongeBob Meme Is Really Good And Here Are Some Of The Best Ones

The perfect meme to show how we all feel after doing none of the things we're supposed to do.

All The Best Deals On Amazon Today

Deals on a floral maxi dress, a metallic pen set, a makeup brush kit, a car Bluetooth adapter, and more!

17 jornadas de trem que mudarão sua vida para sempre

Diminua a velocidade e aproveite as incríveis paisagens dessas viagens sobre trilhos.

26 zauberhafte handgestochene Tattoos, die du dir sofort auch machen lassen willst

Falls du Hand Poked Tattoos noch nicht kanntest, wirst du dich spätestens JETZT in sie verlieben.

12 Creativity Tricks That Will Totally Inspire You

Stop telling yourself you're not creative, and start telling yourself you're the next Picasso.

Donald Glover Tweeted A Shady Script For His Axed "Deadpool" Animated Series And People Are Shook

In the script, Glover seemingly lambastes the studios for scrapping the series.

Grindr Will Now Remind You To Get Tested For HIV

The dating app also offers free ads for HIV-testing sites.

38 films d'horreur qui vous terroriseront à coup sûr

N'oubliez pas de régler votre facture EDF parce que vous allez vouloir laisser la lumière allumée.

This $25 High-Waisted, One-Piece Swimsuit Seriously Fits Everyone Like A Total Dream

*Immediately buys one in every color and print. Starts wearing swimwear to work.*

Facebook Is Getting Grilled In India As Elections Draw Near

The world's largest democracy wants some answers.

51 nervige und schmerzhafte Erlebnisse, die Frauen mit Afro-Haar allzu gut kennen

Versuchen, mit neuen Braids oder neuer Weave zu schlafen.

29 Of The Best Places To Buy A Couch Online

You + your new couch = perfectly plush afternoons of doing nothing.

15 Mouth-Watering Cheap Eats From Around The World

Get the low-down on the best noodles in Hong Kong, and killer tacos in Barcelona.

17 Jokes That Will Probably Piss-Off Your Partner, But Only For Like A Second

Actually, you can probably try these on anyone, but good luck!

Here's What People Are Buying On Amazon Right Now

Movers and Shakers is a list of products on Amazon that are currently rising in the rankings. This week: a floral cardigan, a Dutch oven, and a double-sided pumice stone.

Jede Person hat ein Kartoffelgericht, das zu ihrer Persönlichkeit passt – hier ist deins

Du willst bestimmt Pommes sein – aber passen sie auch zu dir?

25 astuces pour réussir votre manucure à tous les coups

Armez-vous de dissolvant, de crème hydratante et de vos pinceaux.

Voici les œuvres qui vous ont donné envie d'être féministes

Des films, des articles, des livres et des séries dont certains ne sont pas de Virginie Despentes.

John Bailey Will Remain President Of The Academy After An Investigation Into Sexual Harassment Claims Found No Evidence Of Wrongdoing

"The Academy took the claim very seriously and was cognizant of the rights of both the claimant and the accused, including consulting with outside counsel with expertise in matters related to harassment," the organization said in a statement.

これは無限日本酒だわ! ニラでつくる最強のおつまみがヤバイ


23 Facebook-Kommentatoren, die episch am Leben scheitern

Manchmal frage ich mich wirklich …

Airbnb Just Revealed It Will Give Hosts' Information To The Chinese Government Without Notice

In an email seen by BuzzFeed News, Airbnb told hosts it had to comply with local laws.

Quel monarque français êtes-vous ?

Serez-vous Louis, Louis, Louis ou Louis ?

19 ganz schlimme Handwerker

Mehr kann ich dazu nicht mehr sagen.

Lettre aux parents dont les enfants me dévisagent en public

Il faut parler à vos enfants des personnes qui ne se voient ni comme des hommes, ni comme des femmes.

We Got John Cena And Leslie Mann To Ask Each Other 23 Hard-Hitting Questions

The stars of Blockers talk alcohol enemas, butt chugging, and being a part of the BTS Army.

Here’s What HR Leaders Are Saying About Sexual Harassment

At a conference this month, HR managers talked about changing workplace culture. But they can’t do it alone.



The 19 Most Hilarious Moments From The Second Season Of "BFFs With Vogue"

"Money, I'd do anything for. I've done Indian TV, I've danced on reality shows. For money, I'd go to the opening of an envelope." – Karan Johar.

24時間保育のベビーホテルで乳児が死亡 検証委「ある意味、善意で預かっていた」


Ich bin eine lesbische Autistin. Und nein, ich wünsche mir nicht, "normal" zu sein.

Warum sollte ich mir wünschen, auf Männer zu stehen? Warum sollte ich mir wünschen, dass mein Gehirn genau so funktioniert wie jedes andere?

9 libros que tienes que leer (sí o sí) si te flipa la crónica negra

Dedicado a todas aquellas personas que ya han visto todos los documentales de crímenes de Netflix.

16 absolut schräge, aber echt wahre Fakten über Tiersex

Schlangen haben zwei Penisse, die sie beim Sex abwechselnd benutzen.

君は世界が注目するBOILER ROOMを知っているか?




Ein Notarzt regt sich auf, dass ein Mann starb, weil niemand Erste Hilfe geleistet hat. Dabei ist das voll einfach.

„Nichtstun hat diesen Mann getötet. Dabei wäre es so einfach gewesen.“


Teen Vogueで発信された写真が悪意あるユーザーに偽造され、SNS上で拡散している。



Only Non-Muggles Can Get 7/9 On This Tricky Quidditch Quiz

This quiz is even tricker than the Wronski Feint.

37 femmes philosophes ou féministes que vous devriez connaître

Vous connaissez sans doute Hannah Arendt ou Simone de Beauvoir, mais connaissez-vous Angela Davis, bell hooks ou Judith Butler ?

桜の名所で撮影された「奇跡の1枚」が話題! 「これは恋愛成就しそう」「天才…!」


13 Beweise, dass Mütter ihren Kindern immer einen Schritt voraus sind

Wenn Mütter gewinnen, gewinnen wir richtig.





21 papeles de televisión icónicos que antes le ofrecieron a otra persona

¿Sabías que Rob Lowe casi interpreta a Derek Shepherd en Anatomía de Grey??

16 Torten, die viel witziger sind, als sie ursprünglich gedacht waren

Ich würde trotzdem zu 100 % alle davon essen.

Meet The Desi Dentist Being Called The Most Attractive Game Show Contestant Of All Time

"We have had attractive people on our show before but not like Theja. He was so attractive it almost broke the quiz show. It was hard to concentrate."





¿Qué actriz icónica de los 90 eres?

¿Eres como Drew o como Winona? ¿Más como Halle o como Uma? ¡Es hora de averiguarlo!

14 fotos de tatuajes a lo largo de la historia realmente impresionantes

El libro 1000 Tattoos explora el arte de los tatuajes, del pasado y del presente, de todo el mundo. BuzzFeed echa una ojeada a su reedición.

This Russian Ambassador Gave A Wild Press Conference And, You Know What, Just Read This

There are absolutely, 100%, no Russian spies in Australia, no takebacks.



A Self-Help Guru Allegedly Forced His Members To Become "Sex Slaves" And Branded Them

Federal authorities say Keith Raniere created a "master–slave" type of cult under the guise of a self-help group, where women were forced into sexual acts and branded with his initials.

Here's Everything You Need To Know About Pigeons, The Most Misunderstood Bird

But they still shit everywhere...including on you.

100 Catholic Memes That Will Have You Sinfully Laughing For Hours

"Are you Saint Anthony? Because you found my heart."

Supporting John Kasich Has Become An Attack Line In Ohio's Governor's Race

“We stopped John Kasich short of the White House,” reads a mailer. “Now we must stop Mary Taylor short of the governor’s office.”

Here’s How Bad Australia’s Indigenous Incarceration Rates Are – And Ways To Lower Them

In 2016 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people were 12.5 times more likely to be in prison than non-Indigenous people.

Which French Fries Do You Like Better?

The tastiest of foods out there.

Robert Mueller's Office Wants A Judge To Consider Jail Time For A Lawyer Who Pleaded Guilty To Lying

Alex van der Zwaan, who pleaded guilty to lying to special counsel prosecutors and the FBI, is asking for no jail time.



17 Quizzes For Anyone Who Feels Like A Grandma, But Isn't A Grandma

For all the young grannies who would rather stay in on a Friday night than go partying.

19 Tweets That Prove We Need More Eavesdroppers In This World

“Do you think you’ll ever fall in love?" “I don’t know. I think if she likes pancakes, then probably.”

¿Qué tipo de señora eres?

Si eres una persona de 55 años atrapada en el cuerpo de alguien de 20 y tantos, este quiz es para ti.

Responde 9 preguntas random y te diremos qué tan AMLOver eres

Descubre dónde te ubicas en el termómetro de amor por el Peje.

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