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Posted on Mar 28, 2018

19 Tweets That Prove We Need More Eavesdroppers In This World

“Do you think you’ll ever fall in love?" “I don’t know. I think if she likes pancakes, then probably.”


Just overheard my husband say to the baby in baby talk"ur shirt is cute but it says beachbum. You've never been to the beach u fucking liar"


*Overheard conversation between 2nd grade boys* “Do you think you’ll ever fall in love?” “I don’t know. I think if she likes pancakes, then probably.”


I actually overheard a woman complain about the amount of girls going around in shorts??? Susan it's 27 degrees and not the year 1756


Just overheard my mom describing my sister’s boyfriend to her friend. Mom: “He has a master’s degree in non profit management.” Friend: “What?” Mom: “I don’t know it’s some millennial thing.”


Just overheard my 11yo son on the phone with his friend, "Don't worry, I will bring some of my dad's money."


After I overheard kid on the playground bragging about how many Ninjago sets he just got: Me: You like Ninjago? Kid: Yeah Me: You like the show? Kid: Yeah Me: (smug grin) Well... Kid: But then the show got bad. Me: ...


Overheard at the gift shop at Griffith Observatory last night: "So have you seen a lot more traffic coming up here because of La La Land?"


Just overheard my son tell his friend "my mom only buys sweets when they're on sale. She's pretty cheap."


Just overheard my dad tell the cat that “there’s cats starving in Africa” because he wouldn’t eat his food.


Daughter: "Mommy, are eagles nice?" Mother: "No. They eat kittens." #mtlmoments #overheard


#overheard "See young people do tai chi!" "No Mom, I think she's looking for a wifi signal."


Overheard two girls in their pajamas this morning at Starbucks on Balboa Island


Overheard in the office 'who's Tom Petty?' 'Some guy old people like' Now weeping inside


"A new warning about fidget spinners, could they catch fire?" - a real thing I just overheard on the news this morning


overheard three cops loudly talking about whether they were "growers or showers" I feel so safe, so calm, so protected


#overheard: "Suing somebody is suuuch a process.. just go & slash their tires & call it a day."


Overheard a woman in Bryant Park tell a friend "I'm so depressed I've got the Sephoras" and I never heard anything more accurate in my life


Just overheard on tube: "Did you lock the door? I think I left a croissant on the table"


I overheard a guy saying to his girlfriend "are you ready to fucking rage" as they walked into target together and that's what I want

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