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    16 Posts About Spring Cleaning That'll Make You Laugh Then Say, "I Should Probably Clean"

    What do you mean stuffing all my clothes under my bed doesn't count as spring cleaning?

    1. Spring is here, which means it's time for spring cleaning!

    @DazeyDuke69 / Via Twitter: @DazeyDuke69

    2. Time to pound Power Bars and Gatorade, because you're going to need all the energy you can get.

    3. Before you begin, make a checklist to guarantee maximum efficiency.

    @obviousplant / Via Twitter: @obviousplant_

    4. There will be distractions, so it's important that you stay focused.

    M. Patrinos / BuzzFeed

    5. And remember, spring cleaning is great for all aspects of your life.

    @marissa_rouxx / Via Twitter: @marissa_rouxx

    6. So don't be afraid to cut out all the crap.

    @ashleygoldston1 / Via Twitter: @ashleygoldston1

    7. It may be scary to part with your possesions, but you can't keep everything forever.

    Andrea Hickey / BuzzFeed

    8. It's going to take some time to go through everything, so make sure to reward yourself with breaks throughout the cleaning process.

    @BatBatshitcrazy / Via Twitter: @BatBatshitcrazy

    9. But don't rest for too long, or your motivation might slip away.

    @beccatilley5 / Via Twitter: @beccatilley5

    10. Be sure to do a quick sweep through all the rooms in your house.

    M. Patrinos / BuzzFeed

    11. And for the love of all things holy, CLEAN OUT YOUR PANTRY.

    @avikingchef / Via Twitter: @avikingchef

    12. Every little thing is fair game when it comes to spring cleaning.

    @Schwartz_emily1 / Via Twitter: @Schwartz_emily1

    13. And there's no telling what you may dig up.

    @IdolClubPrez / Via Twitter: @IdolClubPrez

    14. Who knows, you might even find some buried treasure.

    @wheresdabannock / Via Twitter: @wheresdabannock

    15. It may seem like you've been scrubbing and sweeping for an eternity...

    @120yearz / Via Twitter: @120yearz

    16. And once you're finished cleaning, you'll feel a whole lot better. I promise.

    Zoe Burnett / BuzzFeed