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Why Are We So Moved By The Notre Dame Fire?

Though there were fortunately no deaths, the fire was a startling, almost existential kind of loss.

Jennifer Hope Choi 6 months ago

I Wanted To Love Paris, But It Didn’t Love Me

When I went to Paris for a semester abroad, I thought I would find the truer, best version of myself. But I didn't realize that you don't get to choose how you'll be seen.

Jennifer Hope Choi One year ago

I Filmed The End Of My Parents' Marriage

Ten years after my parents’ relationship unraveled, I realized I had captured their last moments of happiness on tape.

Jennifer Hope Choi 2 years ago

How A 20-Year-Old Exorcism Sent Me In Search Of Korea’s Cult Problem

In 1996, my uncle took part in a prayer ritual that left a woman dead. In the midst of new scandals, I began to wonder if his crime might be connected to the larger phenomenon of Korean religious cults.

Jennifer Hope Choi 2 years ago

Vogue's Race Problem Is Bigger Than Karlie Kloss

Even if the model featured in the magazine's latest controversial spread had been Asian, it would still have been offensive.

Jennifer Hope Choi 2 years ago

My Mother And I Went Halfway Around The World To Find Each Other

When my mother started traveling alone after her divorce, I saw a new side of her — and it helped me understand myself.

Jennifer Hope Choi 2 years ago