19 Times John Boyega Proved That We Don't Deserve Him

    A national treasure.

    1. When he got Harrison Ford to sign a Han Solo action figure:

    2. When he wanted to go on an anonymous date but was sabotaged by a billboard of himself:

    3. When he told a white lie about how busy he was to J.J. Abrams while waiting to hear back about his Star Wars audition:


    4. When he had the perfect response to someone who saw his tweet celebrating Black History Month as "racially dividing":

    @theedge60 happy you can celebrate it too month with a side of ssshhh

    5. When he talked about his relationship with BB-8:

    6. When he proved his friends wrong in the best way:

    7. When he was so good at his job, he even kept his family in the dark:

    Dad "everyone leave their plates in the sink for John to wash since he won't tell us anything about force awakens"

    And he really did suffer the consequences:

    The price I pay for secrecy.....Thanks Dad.... Love you :/

    8. When he went to the Royal London hospital dressed as Finn to meet these kids:

    9. When his family kept him grounded when it came to material goods:


    10. When he had an actual light saber duel with David Beckham:

    And gushed over him a little:

    11. When he shared this adorable picture of his downtime with his Bengal cat, Oluwalogan:

    12. When he was hilariously stumped on how to answer this kid's honest question:

    13. When he humbly responded to this dirty tweet:

    14. When he honoured Daniel Boyega and celebrated their mutual successes with the perfect sentiment:

    15. When he made this face when he didn't have the answer to a question:

    16. When he had the audacity to look THIS good:

    17. When he was vocal in his love for Black Panther and had no time for bullshit:

    @Risitas3_1825 Because it's about time Biiiihhhhh

    18. When he and Mark Hamill embarked upon a thrilling fruit saga:

    19. And when he got really excited upon realising he had his own action figure: