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    6 Beauty Products You Might Want To Pack On Every Single Trip You Take

    With so many awesome TSA-friendly products, there's no excuse for letting a few airplanes get in the way of messing up your beauty routine.

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    I’m currently packing for a big move to London, and everyone keeps telling me not to worry about bringing toiletries, skincare items, and other beauty products. And to that, tbh, I just roll my eyes.


    I’m really particular about the products that I use — and as a travel blogger, I'm basically always on the road — so I know which products work well for me. Plus, I don’t believe you need to sacrifice the quality of products you use just because you’re traveling. Especially because you’re traveling, in fact. Think about it: Traveling can wreak all kinds of havoc on your skin and hair. Airplanes are incredibly drying, a shift in climate can cause flaky skin, and spending lots of time outside in the sun or wind can do serious damage to your locks. Thankfully there are a ton of awesome travel-sized products that make it easy to feel pampered even when you’re on the road for a long stretch.

    1. Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask, so you'll wake up with a super-soft pout no matter where you wind up resting your head.

    Chapped lips are my biggest pet peeve. And I feel like a lot of lip balm products actually wind up being quite drying. But this amazing lip mask, made with vitamin C, antioxidants, hyaluronic acid, and minerals that all work to lock in moisture, is my savior. I apply it every night and wake up with super-soft lips. It’s my miracle product and I won’t even sleep over at a friend's house without it in my bag!

    Get it from Sephora or Laneige for $20.

    2. Formula 10.0.6 Clarifying Mud Mask, to easily rid your clogged pores of gunk and make you feel radiant, even if you've been on the road for days.

    I love me a good face mask. They’re my favorite products to test out in travel-sized versions, and that’s how I ended up finding this Formula 10.0.6 clarifying mud mask. A friend who I travel with always has this mask on hand, and the last time we were away together I tried it out. It left my skin feeling super soft, clean, and refreshed. It uses strawberry and rosemary to draw out gunk from pores and yarrow to clarify your skin for an even complexion. It’s a great product for combination skin and smells so good!

    Get it from Target for $5.24.

    3. Coola setting spray with SPF 30, which does double duty by providing sun protection and helping your makeup last.

    I am a huge advocate of applying SPF to your face daily — as everyone should be! — to prevent both sunburn and protect against the long-term effects of prolonged sun exposure. And while I’m traveling, I try to bring as many two-in-one products as possible, which is why I love this Coola Green Tea and Aloe Makeup Setting Spray with SPF 30. The organic spray keeps your makeup from melting off in the hot sun while protecting your skin from UV exposure. It’s made with hyaluronic acid, which softens, tones, and rehydrates skin. It’s also incredibly refreshing on a hot day and won’t smudge your look!

    Get it from Sephora for $36 or Amazon for $36.01.

    4. A Moroccanoil hydrating treatment great for all hair textures that'll keep your hair conditioned and shiny regardless of where your travel adventures take you.

    Taylor Fuller / BuzzFeed

    Whether I’m in a hot and humid destination or a cold and windy one, my super-long hair always ends up in a giant knot by the end of the day; it’s simply inevitable. So once a week I use a hydrating mask after showering. This one from Moroccanoil is my absolute favorite because it leaves me with noticeably silkier hair, and after I use it it I don’t feel like I’ve entered into a losing battle with my brush: Instead it takes me half the time to brush through my hair after showering than it does on the days I don’t use the mask.

    Get it from Sephora for $16.

    5. A drugstore-brand waxing kit for quick hair removal on the cheap when you can't get to a professional.

    I am *all* about the at-home wax. I have been getting Brazilian waxes since I was 19, and after plenty of awkward and expensive appointments, I decided to give the Sally Hansen at-home wax kit a try. And while yes, I won’t lie, it took a lot (it's not that it hurt, I was just so scared that it was going to be the most painful thing ever) to rip those strips off, it’s really not that difficult to do yourself. I don’t wax the entire area ~down there~ with this product, but waxing strips are a great way to maintain your bikini line without having to visit a professional every few weeks — i.e., they're a perfectly fine alternative if you're traveling to a place where there are no beauty salons. All you have to do is rub the strips between your hands to heat them up a little bit, stick them on and leave them there for a minute or two, pull 'em off, and you’re good to go.

    Get it from Walmart for $5.26

    6. A Kerstin Florian hydrating eye treatment formulated to brighten up your eye area and help you look well-rested even when you're jet-lagged AF.

    After a long-haul flight, consider yourself one of the lucky few if you don't closely resemble a zombie, as I always do. I get terrible bags under my eyes and even worse dark circles. And that’s why my go-to for an instantly brighter look is this Correcting Eye Rescue Kit by Kerstin Florian. It's certainly a higher-end product — but honestly I haven’t been able to find anything that quite measures up to its effectively, so for me it’s totally worth the price tag. You just apply the serum to your eye pads and place them under eyes and voilà: super-hydrated, brighter-looking skin is just around the corner! (Apparently they're also formulated to help smooth lines around your eye area too, if that's a concern for you.)

    Get it from Jet or SkinCareRx for $100.

    You, on vacation with all your new travel-friendly beauty products:

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