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    17 Jokes That Will Probably Piss-Off Your Partner, But Only For Like A Second

    Actually, you can probably try these on anyone, but good luck!

    1. Strategically placing a creepy printout of the girl from The Grudge in your laundry room.

    becominghalfofhannah / Via


    2. Recreating an iconic scene from Saw II with your husband's keys for ~funsies~.

    Kylakat / Via

    3. Leaving some beautiful artwork on the toilet paper for your loved one.

    dafuqiziss / Via

    4. Or replacing the toilet roll with a lint roller altogether.

    5. Parking your partner's car sideways in the garage.

    Dr3s4ng / Via

    OMG, don't even ask me how they did that. Like a 10,000 point turn I guess?

    6. Or rolling down their car window, placing broken glass on the ground, and staging the area.

    leewd / Via

    7. Shaving "abs" onto your stomach after your S.O. tells you they like six packs.

    sg4rd / Via

    Bonus point for making it an EIGHT pack, too.

    8. Taping a fake bat inside the lamp on your partner's side of the bed.

    9. Asking your spouse if they'd like a cup of tea and offering them a literal cup full of "T" instead.

    10. Printing out a photo of your face, putting it in a jar, then filling the jar with green water.

    NeoshadowXC / Via

    11. Writing a lovely message on your S.O.'s back with sunscreen.

    ashlee_jewell / Via

    12. Shattering your partner's sex dreams with a strategically folded "good for one" coupon.

    Labhair_Gaeilge_liom / Via

    13. Printing out this specific image of Bruce Willis from Die Hard, putting it in your vents, then asking your partner to change the air filters.

    AelyneMB / Via

    14. Placing your foot on the scale as your loved one weighs themselves at JUST the right time.

    terex232 / Via

    15. Placing a popper under the toilet seat so your spouse can literally shit themselves.

    rallo87 / Via

    16. Hiding in a garbage bag next to the garbage and then jumping at your S.O.

    nikkeixx3 / Via

    17. And finally, buying your loved one THIS advice book.

    IAMGodAMAA / Via

    Get it on Amazon for $5.99!

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